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When chocolate calls to you from the other room…

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Hi Friends!


Do you ever find yourself in the midst of a craving especially for chocolate or sugar that seems beyond your control?

If you have, I bet it went something like this:

“I’m (insert adjective…bored, annoyed, tired, sick of my boss, sick of this project, in the mood for a treat etc, etc)”

“I know what will make this better… CHOCOLATE!”

It’s almost like this idea of chocolate has dug a hole down deep in your brain and you can’t get it out.

You ignore it for a little while and but then it’s as if your organic chocolate bar is singing a siren song from the other room – beckoning you to come and have a little taste.

The good news is I’m going to show you a fun, unorthodox way to squash a craving without feeling like a war is waging in your head, or, most importantly, like you are missing out on a thing!

In this impromptu video, I’m sharing with you what I personally did to pull myself out of a tug-of-war with chocolate today.

Disclaimer: It was a little wild/scandalous.

And guess what? The sugar craving went away like magic



PS: (Don’t worry, I’m not saying chocolate is the devil or that you can never have it again, but what I DO want for you is the ability to CHOOSE in these situations and not feel like you are constantly being bullied by your cravings or feeling bad about your choices. It’s your freedom that matters most.)


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  1. Karen says:

    Loved the video! For me it’s a walk with Keysa that picks me up. Love your hair! Watch out Ryan!!!

  2. Susan Beneke says:

    Your hair and skin always look beautiful, even when you have the “blahs”! Besides good nutrition, etc.
    What are your secrets, Krissy!? 🙂 xox thank you for the video.❤️❤️

    • Krissy Ruddy says:

      Hey Susan! Thanks for your comment. Good nutrition, eating fat, and lots of water are KEY! Plus sleeping and taking care of myself. I definitely notice that when I am not taking care of myself physically, emotionally or spiritually that I have a dullness to my skin, my eyes, and my energy. I also use my special cleansing oil which changed my skin so much – and has helped lots of my clients too: One of these days I’m going to show you guys a before and after picture that shows how spiritual practices change your looks as well. I know it sounds a little “woo-woo” but when I used to hold all of my emotions in it made my energy a lot less clear and vibrant. Plus stress (emotional and otherwise) also used to lead to a lot of breakouts because of hormonal fluctuations. When I began combining nutrition with yoga, meditation and coaching it changed a lot. Now I have people tell me how my skin glows but really I think it’s a little of everything working! I hope this is helpful 🙂 All the tools and recipes and tricks I share contribute to my own results so I truly do hope you find some that work for you too! With love, Krissy

  3. Mindala says:

    Love this video, Krissy! It was so fun to receive the idea about shifting through a little “naughty” activity that actually increases energy rather than decreasing it (like eating and scrolling would definitely do). I love how real you are on these videos! Courageous and helpful!!! xoxo

    • Krissy Ruddy says:

      Hi Mindala! So good to hear from you and get your feedback on the video! I’m realizing more and more that seeing this work in action and not just in theory is what’s most helpful. I’m so glad this was useful for you! Also LOVE your photo – gorgeous!!! xoxo Krissy

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