6-MONTH 1:1 Coaching

Get personalized support to scale to six-figures while stepping into the woman you’ve wanted to become.

I take on a select number of high-achieving, action-taking, altruistic women on a mission to bring their good work out to more people, step into their full visibility, stop playing small, and become the entrepreneur and leader they feel called to be. 

You dont’ have to figure it out on your own

It's time you finally went PRO in your soul-centered business.

If you are sick of learning business theory, reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, and taking all the courses… but still feel stuck, it’s time to up-level your business skillset and do the deep inner work to generate consistent $10k months.

How it works

Personalized Strategy + System

Based on YOUR business, industry, learning style, and unique vision to get you to your professional and personal goals in record time. 

Support + Accountability 

Via regular 1:1 sessions and action steps plus private access to me through email and Voxer to answer questions and hold you accountable to making it happen.

Deep Inner work

To move past the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you small so that you can reclaim your power and fully step into what you are capable of.

i can help because i've been there

In 2013, I was overweight, over worked, and struggling to get my coaching business off the ground...

I had just started my first health-coaching business. I had no list. No experience. No website or tech skills. No investors, rich husband, or savings to foot the bill.

I had to figure it all out as I went… building my following, programs, and skillset completely from scratch.

I got to work doing what all the online marketing "Guru's" told me to do. I invested in programs to grow my email list, make my Instagram look pretty, create and launch courses, and even created and edited my own videos for YouTube (which took hoooooours on end).

After a year of working 12 hour days I had just a few clients and was barely making enough money to get by.

50lbs heavier and using food + wine as a crutch

It wasn’t easy and there were many times that I wanted to quit. 

I was stressed out, burnt out, and wondering if I REALLY had what it took to actually make a full time income doing "heart-centered work"...

Then something finally CLICKED for me.

Fast forward to 2015... I was making a full-time income working from all over the world, and absolutely LOVING my life.


I realized that just “knowing what I should be doing” wasn't enough to create a successful business – Lord knows I downloaded and screen-shotted all the damn trainings out there and was DOING alllll the things.

I also needed to do it in an aligned way… to embody my teachings, focus my energy, own my expertise, share from my heart (not just in a way that I thought would sell more shit), and really come from a place of service.

When I did that, MAGIC happened. 

My biz tripled and I finally hit the six-figure mark.

My clients started re-enrolling and telling all their friends that they HAD to work with me.

People signed up to work with me at higher and higher prices without batting an eye. 

I had a full client load + waitlist without spending a dime on marketing, sending regular newsletters, or "doing it for the 'gram" 24/7. 

When you do soul-centered work aligned with your higher purpose, EVERYTHING in life starts to get easier. 

You have more energy, more income, have more FUN, and are able to truly make an impact.

This is what I want for YOU.

Are you ready to go PRO in your soul-centered business?

The results

I'll teach you how to...

Build a profitable online business you can run from anywhere in the world

Have more time with your family and people you love

Set your own schedule, hours, and only do work you care about

Give back to your community, buy the good organic sh*t, invest, and live well


- kassi u,

"Krissy turned me into a bestselling author and helped me to follow my true calling – I now have a career that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning! Without her guidance, I wouldn’t be living my purpose or my dreams. She’s magical, she’s brilliant, she’s blessed with a spiritual and financial X factor."


alexx doubled her income

"I just had my first $1,000 DAY..."

"I'm only in year 2 of my business and have doubled my income since working with Krissy - and during COVID! I just had my first $1,000 DAY...selling a $9 product - WHAT?!"

kelly made $15K in 60 days

"Krissy helped me turn my purpose into an online business..."

"Krissy helped me turn my purpose into an online business and I made $15,000 in the first 60 days of working together!" 

This could be you....

anjali booked clients with confidence

"Working with Krissy was radically transformative for my business!"

I've signed a whole boatload of clients in a very short time, let go of fears, and became confident at selling and signing new clients. 
I have concrete tools to create more abundance, ease, and flow. I thought I would be in a $$ rut forever but now I have a stable income! I learned so much that I’m taking into my biz + life. I feel like a new person on the other side of our coaching.

- Alexx S,

- Kelly

- anjali


Book Your Free Consultation

Finding a coach that is the right fit is essential for success. Let’s hop on a call, get to know each other and see if my method is right for you. Either way, we will get you clear on your goal, uncover anything getting in the way of your next level of income + impact and create a personalized action plan for you to reach six-figures (or whatever feels most aligned for you).


- Dolapo

Working with Krissy, I launched my coaching practice, created my first program, and created my first talk...

100 people signed up AND I filled all of my entire coaching practice!!
I had a dream of speaking from the stage and impacting hundreds of women in a positive way. I feel so blessed that my dream has become a reality - and so quickly!


Grow Your Soul-Centered Business Online in the next 90-days

Get the exact roadmap I used to go from 0 to six-figures so that you can shortcut your path to making consistent $5-$10k months doing soul-centered work. Get out your journal and pop a kombucha, let’s go!