wins from real women who've worked with krissy

Krissy helped me turn my purpose into an online business and made $15,000 in the first 60 days of working together!

Krissy helped me to clarify what I want from my career and gave me the directions and tools I needed to develop a solid foundation and a long term plan.

Working with Krissy made me feel more confident, capable, and centered in my work and my life than I ever thought possible. I have a masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine but at no point in my education did we ever discuss what exactly it took to start and run a business. Krissy helped me to clarify what I want from my career and gave me the directions and tools I needed to develop a solid foundation and a long term plan. She seamlessly blends technical and logical action steps with heart centered, aligned, and individualized recommendations. After just three months I filled my practice, built my own website, and launched my first program. I finished the Aligned Female Entrepreneur Program and look forward to working with her more in the future as my business and dreams continue to expand.

Krissy's ability to channel the exact message you need to hear at any given moment will cut through your bullshit, your masks, and your defenses, in the best way possible.

Before signing up for coaching with Krissy, I was hesitant about the financial investment.  Even though my business was growing before I started my work with Krissy...It absolutely grew more/bigger/faster as a result of working with her and this was largely thanks to the internal elements she supported me through. Learning how I handle resistance, understanding just how much rest I need, creating a positive relationship with down-time, and really just shifting my mindset so that I move through both my business and the world with more ease and joy.
I loved having someone on my "team" during the solopreneurship phase. So much better not having to do everything alone. I appreciated constantly feeling seen and understood. I even got a brand new porch because I met Juliet on an AFE call - ha! There's definitely a community of Krissy-Leonard-clients that I'm super grateful to be a part of. I'd recommend Krissy to anyone who has the "chops," who's really great at getting everything they've gotta do in their business done, but want to learn ways of getting it all done without so much self-sacrifice.

Hiring Krissy is like building a scaffolding around your entire life...
I am well on my way to having a six-figure sales year in my third year of business!

If you are looking for a coach that will help you nurture your spirit and bank account in equal measure, hire Krissy. Since working with Krissy in group setting and one on one, I have moved my business out of my home, made a schedule that allows for rest, family and productive work in and on my business, had my biggest month in business (13k!), and am well on my way to having a 6 figure sales year in my third year. Hiring Krissy is like building a scaffolding around your entire life. She does not just support you as a business owner, she is interested in you as a whole human. With Krissy’s help I have learned to celebrate small wins. She has helped me deconstruct the
patriarchy and capitalist systems in my head that had me believing that grinding and forcing is the only way. She helped show me a new way that is full of rest, ease, and abundance. These are not just tag words, I am living proof that if you apply her methods and put in the work on your end, Krissy’s support will lift you into your authentic version of greatness. As a former waitress turned entrepreneur, I never thought that my life would be so full of wonder, magic, money and love. I am living proof that miracles happen with work, trust, luck, and a great coach.


Hana Miller,
Acupuncturist & Holistic Health Practitioner


Allyson Sprinkel,
Owner, Pepper Lee CBD

Working with Krissy, I launched my coaching practice, created my first program, and created my first talk: The Rich Woman’s Mindset and Success Habits…

100 people signed up AND I filled all of my entire coaching practice!!I had a dream of speaking from the stage and impacting hundreds of women in a positive way. I feel so blessed that my dream has become a reality – and so quickly!

Dolapo Adedeji,

She helped me to get clear about what it was I really wanted to be doing and then taught me the specific steps I needed to make it happen. I simply could not have done it by myself!

I knew right away that hiring Krissy as my coach was the right thing to do! I have built a whole new business for myself. Not only have I created an extra revenue stream but, more importantly, I have been able to carve out time and space in my life to focus on doing work that inspires me and fills me up. I appreciated Krissy’s tried and true strategies for building a business with a steady foundation that is heart centered.  Since working with Krissy, I feel more confident in my role as a leader and more clear about my vision. I remember that I love what I do and there is a heart-centered reason that I do it. This helps me to appreciate my work and feel more inspired and less overwhelmed. I would recommend Krissy to anyone who is working to build their own businesses or those ready to take it to the next level. My advice as you begin your work with Krissy is to know the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Be prepared to do things in a different way, to feel inspired and to step into who you are capable of becoming.

Emily Garrett
yoga instructor/spiritual coach/business owner

Becoming a business owner, and a profitable one at that, can be a daunting process. Yet, Krissy has found a method that makes each step of the way feel fun, playful and nourishing—even when tackling the most daunting tasks! 

 Her thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and compassion are her greatest superpowers, and her years in business provide you with grounded knowledge and mentorship you can trust. You truly can feel her level of care in everything she shares. If you want a heartfelt approach to building your business, Krissy is your go-to girl. I highly recommend her work!

Claire Ragozzino,
Vidya Living

Krissy turned me into a bestselling author and helped me to follow my true calling.

I now have a career that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning! Without her guidance, I wouldn’t be living my purpose or my dreams. She’s magical, she’s brilliant, she’s blessed with a spiritual and financial X factor.


Since working with Krissy I have built the foundation of my business, launched my website, booked several clients, and left my corporate job to jump into my business full time! 

Krissy is not your standard business coach. I am so grateful to Krissy for helping me (and continuing to help me) build confidence, and identify ways in which I can work through resistance and fear. She is consistently celebrating my achievements, big or small. I have no doubt that if I hadn’t begun working with Krissy, I’d still be unhappy and unfulfilled working my corporate job. Instead, I have built the life and schedule I want helping people by doing the work that comes naturally to me and that I LOVE. I highly recommend working with Krissy. She will help you identify what is important to you both in business and how you live your life, and help you build just that. It’s truly amazing and I am so grateful.


Since completing AFE I feel prepared to confidently step into my new role as an entrepreneur and coach! .

AFE was a big investment for me, and one that I thought a lot about. Looking back, I am SO glad I took the leap to sign up for this program. The guidance I received from Krissy in the three month program was very easy to understand and implement (as someone with no business background). I always felt like Krissy really cared about my vision and wanted me to stay true to my authenticity, even within this new business world. Her advice always felt aligned with me. I highly recommend attending the live calls if you can. Krissy is truly a business fairy godmother!

Since completing AFE I have continued to move through the program at my own pace, and have been getting so much out of the modules as I continue to build my business. I've watched a few of the modules several times and get something new out of them every time. AFE is like a crash course in business + 3 months of mentorship, and it really does work. My business is starting to build momentum and I've learned so much about building offers and marketing from AFE.

Jenny Harding,
Core Energy Coach

I started my business, launched my website, and signed my first THREE paying clients in 90 days working with Krissy.


work with krissy

Before joining The Aligned Female Entrepreneur, I didn’t have a clear message or organized system in place to consistently run my business.

I was able to breakthrough to the clarity I needed to develop my messaging (marketing) in a more cohesive, exciting, and inspiring way!

I’ve also refined my ability to sign on clients; and learned the exact methods for actually running my business that I simply didn’t know (even after taking two other online courses for aligned entrepreneurs!)

I am re-inspired to keep going for the dream and doing the work I was put on the planet to do! (This is probably the most valuable!)

I felt very met and held through the process. Krissy is… so warm, so down to earth, super attuned, sensitive, an amazing space holder and a total Goddess! The community was super sweet and supportive, women who are clearly as generous as they are badass in going for their goals.. and real! Very authentic.

Krissy was always spot on with getting back to our questions in detail and clearing up anything that came up – from the personal challenges to the nuts and bolts of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

The course content was well rounded, generous, and incorporated so many of the KEY pieces of getting through the personal resistance that undoubtedly comes up along the way in an endeavor like this.

I think Krissy really created a container where no one could feel left out or behind.

Haley Sharack,
Radiance Mentor – Coach

In just 3 months, I created a business plan for my private practice, launched my website, and I’m currently booking clients!

I went into the AFE program with a business and grew into a true woman entrepreneur!!

Krissy helped me reach all my BIG business goals while still feeling like ME. She’s firm when she needs to be firm and kind when she needs to be kind, it’s no-nonsense.

You’re going to get the resources and tools you need to get where you want to go. 

I set up my business AND signed my first 8 clients – all while working my full-time job!

I’ve worked with coaches that were not aligned in the past, but working with Krissy…

Participating in AFE was AMMMAAAZZING! 

Before joining The Aligned Female Entrepreneur I was stuck not knowing where or how to start making income for myself.  I got clear on my first offering and am now taking paying clients. I had a breakthrough on my money mindset and am working on turning that into meaningful transformation. I can now recognize my resistance and work with it and through it. I feel the most “in my power” that I’ve ever felt right now directly as a result of the three months of work through AFE both personally and from a business standpoint!

Krissy is amazing! The community was incredible and so cool to watch unfold over the weeks. I really enjoyed doing practice calls with people and the accountability partner set up.  It was great to have the Facebook group to ask questions in. The course content was extremely helpful and relevant!

Erin Jackman,
Bookkeeper and Homeschool Coach

Ladina Poltera, 
Health & Life Coach

Chelsea Frisbee, 
writer and Coach

I quadrupled my business working with Krissy! I’m now doing work I love & helping other women thrive during this time! I even have enough to give back to causes I believe in.

Before joining The Aligned Female Entrepreneur I didn’t have a clear understanding about who exactly I serve and was holding back from inviting ideal clients to pay me for my services.

I’m glad I joined AFE because it helped me integrate confidence. In my time working with Krissy and AFE I gained a lot of confidence in understanding my purpose and how important it is to show up. I realized that I truly am an expert, that my mission matters, and felt how deeply the world truly needs my work … not for myself, but for the collective. In this time, I truly was able to connect more powerfully to my higher self and more deeply listen into how to best serve, through imperfect action, and surrendering perfectionism for forward movement.

Krissy is a kind authentic soul that gets shit done. She is a beautiful embodiment of divine masculine focus and forward movement intertwined with the divine feminine creativity, grace, and  acceptance that has allowed me to feel safe with confidence. The community is full of women that genuinely care and want to make a difference in the world. They have a deeper sense of self, purpose, and spiritual connection. The coaching is both graceful and a push forward. The course content has been incredibly helpful. I appreciate that I can come back to it at any point.

Jen Gens, 
Female Empowerment Coach

Krissy has such a warm presence and always holds loving space for me.

Before joining The Aligned Female Entrepreneur I was feeling stuck, complacent, and unsure where to start. I was unsure if the investment would produce profitable results. I was hesitant to pay someone to hold me accountable — the frugal part of myself was saying “It’s a waste of money to pay someone to support you.”

Krissy is positive, relatable, and inspiring! The AFE community is supportive! Moving through the program with others sharing how they are overcoming their obstacles helped me feel confident that I can overcome my obstacles too.


 It’s been beautiful to watch the growth and breakthroughs each woman has experienced through this program. The AFE course content is thorough, comprehensive, and filled with wisdom and clarity!

Before joining The Aligned Female Entrepreneur I was confused about who my ICA is and how to effectively reach and appeal to them in authentic ways that engender trust in my capacity to support them and inspires them to want to work with me without hesitation around paying me for my services.

My greatest takeaway and gain has been the recognition and affirmation that continuing to honor and trust myself and my process is not only important, but necessary. Also, witnessing your coaching style coupled with your confidence has really served to amplify my conviction that I am good at what I do and will only continue to strengthen and grow as a coach. Specifically, my decision to shift my focus more toward the product development component of my biz has offered me ample opportunities to observe how I respond when presented with challenges that are outside of my control. This process has forced me to hone in on and clarify the values, principles, and practices that my business is built upon. And I think as a result, I will be a more effective coach.

Krissy is a powerhouse of authentic and divinely guided wisdom and confidence. It’s been a privilege to witness and experience the ways Krissy really sees and honors each of the women who have entrusted her with their individual processes. She is skillful in helping with uncovering blocks necessary for developing and moving toward goals with the messy and inspired action that she recommends. It’s been beautiful to watch the growth and breakthroughs each woman has experienced through this program. The course content is thorough, comprehensive, and filled with wisdom and clarity. It inspires a level of consciousness and presence that will serve to ensure any woman who does the actual work and takes in the messages Krissy offers can and will create a balanced and fulfilling business and livelihood. I also really admire and appreciate how reliable, relatable, and in integrity Krissy has been with regard to the ways she shows up and holds space for the group.

Julie Greenberg, 
Women’s Empowerment Coach

I have worked with 5 new clients, made money, and established a foundation to market, sell, coach, and have lots of new tools.

Krissy is EMPOWERING, supportive, passionate, fierce, powerfully vulnerable, real, raw, gritty, unstoppable!

- Julia Mathison,
Chef and Ayurvedic Health Consultant

work with krissy

I have gained momentum in launching my business and stepped up taking care of my body, mind, and soul. During the program I completed a project for a paying client!

Krissy helped me transform my life.

Krissy is the most beautiful loving person I have ever met. She saw deep within me – beyond my crap. I felt 100% love and support and belief from her. She helped me transform my life. I want to be like her!

In 90 days I launched my business, brought in paying clients, AND lost 7 pounds!

Before signing up with Krissy I was worried about the cost of the program…”How was I going to fund this work without stressing or spending what I didn’t have?” But after working together I tell everyone “The service isn’t cheap but the growth is life altering and PRICELESS!”

I learned habits that allowed me to be more fully present and fulfilled in my career and my relationships too. I can say that I’ve truly achieved FREEDOM.

I recommend Krissy’s services to any woman who is serious about loving her body, work and life. This work is deep, exciting, motivating and FUN. Krissy truly cares, believes in people, and gets to know their hearts. Working together feels like hiring a best friend to help you achieve goals and live your best life.

Working with Krissy was radically transformative for my business!

I’ve signed a whole boatload of clients in a very short time, let go of fears, and became confident at selling and signing new clients.

I have concrete tools to create more abundance, ease, and flow. I thought I would be in a $ rut forever but now I have a stable income! I learned so much that I’m taking into my biz + life. I feel like a new person on the other side of our coaching.




Since working with Krissy I’ve lost 12 pounds and launched my own coaching practice!

The only hesitation I had about working with Krissy was the cost, and honestly once I broke it down it was a no brainer!

Since working with Krissy I’ve lost 12 pounds, but also made some massive changes in my LIFE: I started my own coaching practice, went down to 4 days a week at my current job, started teaching Zumba, and I’ve created a more productive daily routine that makes my heart feel full.

Krissy shared amazing templates and practices with me that would have taken me YEARS to figure out on my own!

I’d gone to nutrition school myself but wasn’t sure how to take all that information and put it into practice, but Krissy helped me break through all that quite quickly.

I’d recommend coaching with Krissy to anyone who wants to move into the health or coaching field. It is not easy to make a career change but Krissy gives you the exact tools to feel confident and ready to take on the next chapter! Just know that if you work with Krissy, be ready for a big, beautiful change because IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!

Holistic Health Coach

I haven’t even finished my certification but I’ve already booked 20 new clients!!

The best part is I finally feel like I am DOING this, it’s not just an idea, I actually made it happen!

Elena K,
Face Reader

This Shizz Works!

I signed 3 new clients last week, have 1 enrolling next week, 2 enrolled in my course, and 4 follow up enrollment calls next week. That could be up to $6,000 in 2 weeks – I can’t even believe this is real!

Brandy Oswald
Founder of Sauvage Wellness

I have begun to put my service offerings out to the world and I’m getting positive responses from my community!

Before signing up with Krissy I knew there was something that I was supposed to be doing and I had a lot of different ideas but I could not pull it together or stay on track to get it up and running.

I was also concerned about finding time to fit it in and the investment, but while going through AFE, I was able to follow a process that felt natural…from doing some inner work, understanding the path that would be a natural fit, and taking the action steps needed to bring it to life. This was an awesome journey that has helped me to step forward in an aligned and Inspired way.

My biggest breakthroughs were to know that I have everything I need to do this, I can do it my way with ease, and NOW is the time.

Krissy is knowledgeable, sweet, fun, and inspiring. She has been in our shoes, has done the work herself, and has packaged it all into a supportive container with AFE. Being a part of the AFE community, especially during such an uncertain time like we have just been through, has been incredible.

The ability to be nourished by each other’s energy, challenges, and celebrations was truly the added bonus that I did not anticipate when I signed up. So with ‘surprise and delight’ I have new connections with these amazing women from all over the country.

Kara Fraga

After just a few months with Krissy, I designed and completed my workshop, began promoting my services, and gained six clients.

- Emily Holt-Gosselin

work with krissy

Krissy helped me create and implement my vision faster and more completely than I ever could have done on my own. I look forward to working with her again!

I’ve got my Facebook page set up, been posting, and am working on videos, started my website, and ran my first Sacred Women’s Circle!

Before joining The Aligned Female Entrepreneur, I was feeling overwhelmed. I was lacking support, community, systems, strategy and functionality so that I could see the elephant with more clarity and break it down to start taking those bites.

I did the challenging work offered, of getting clear – on my why, my who, why it matters, why I matter and, that I am the one to do this exact work in the world.

Krissy is like a safe haven. I have the sense in community with her, that she is super organized, knows her stuff, both from experience, life challenges and other learning. She is superb at drawing others out, at creating safe space, at empowering others. She is focused, poised and en-pointe. She is very kind, supportive and does all this while allowing each individual woman to be herself, not having to conform to gain support and step into an expanded sense of herself. Plus, Krissy is Hip, Mod, super cool. confident and does it all with elegance and polish.

AFE has helped me get so much clarity on the direction I want to go with my business and get comfortable with the idea of really being an entrepreneur!

Krissy is wonderful. She is so kind and insightful. She meets you where you are, but she also pushes you in the best way. She encourages taking imperfect action always and this idea has been so helpful for me as I often struggle with “perfection paralysis” and don’t make progress as a result.

The community was amazing, too! It was just such a supportive group of women. It was so helpful and beautiful to hear everyone else’s stories, hurdles, wins, etc.

The course content is fantastic. Everything in the member space is super organized and easy to navigate. You can go at the pace that you need.

The content surpassed my expectations!

I now see a patterning that runs through not just food, and my relationship with my body but also my relationships, and money and everything, so I am now able to bring what I have worked on with you into these other areas of my life too.

When first meeting Krissy, I knew I wanted to work with her straight away and I wasn’t wrong. I loved everything about our time together. Through our work I have been able to develop deep levels of self trust, increased confidence, unconditional love for my body, a completely new understanding of my relationship with my body, and dropped a dress size.

Krissy had a deep insight and real understanding of where I was and what I was going through. She was able to hold space and model what was possible. She’s intelligent, funny, insightful, spiritual and pragmatic and I loved her holistic approach and the way she led so softly. I felt beautifully held.

I now see a patterning that runs through not just food, and my relationship with my body but also my relationships, and money and everything, so I am now able to bring what I have worked on with you into these other areas of my life too.

I recommend Krissy to anyone who finds themselves in a loop of being controlled by their manager & rebel dynamic and would like to opt out and go deeper into the root of their discomfort. You will be helped on a deeply personal journey that will change your life for the better forever. 

Wendy Harbath

Lia d’Hemecourt 

Ebonie Allard, 
Founder & CEO of ‘Misfit for Life’

Krissy is the one person who has been able to help me get REAL results.

After a decade of trying this and that diet, reading that spiritual and self-help book, working with this nutritionist and that naturopath – trust me I could go on… working with Krissy has been the ONE thing that has given me true results and change in my life. 


Isabella, actress

I’ve worked with other therapists and counselors, but I’ve never found work on myself to be this gratifying, enjoyable and fun!

After just 6 weeks my entire perspective on my life has shifted. I’ve struggled with my weight and relationship with food since puberty. I’d given up hope in ever finding peace. The comfort level I feel with Krissy was instantaneous which enabled me to explore great depths of myself in a short period of time. Krissy knows her stuff. Not only because she is so well studied, but because she’s lived the struggle herself. It’s the best thing that has happened in my life in years!

Counselor & Yoga Teacher

I feel so much more free to live a life that is purposeful to me – I even have a date set to leave my job!

Before signing up to work with Krissy I was hesitant about the investment, but I knew I needed support in making some really big changes in my life. Since we started working together I have a whole new sense of self-trust, confidence, and have started taking major steps in building the life I have always wanted to live – I even have a date set for leaving my job! I feel so much more free to live a life that feels purposeful to me. Krissy’s guidance and amazing tools helped me access my own inner wisdom and having the extra support during such a chaotic time in my life helped me feel safer to move forward. After each conversation I felt refreshed and re-motivated. I would recommend Krissy’s coaching to anyone looking to make positive change in their lives because she is able to help people learn to listen to themselves and hear what their hearts have to say.

Brittany L,
Business Strategist & Yoga Teacher

Since working with Krissy, I’ve had lots of shifts of awareness. I feel that I’m more aware of my patterns around emotional eating and feel more confident in my abilities to pull myself back into alignment!

When I met Krissy, I was pretty ready to jump right. I could feel that what she offered was super different than anything I’d ever seen before. I was right.

She is SO thoughtful. This is the first coaching experience I’ve had where I’ve felt truly cared for, held, supported. I felt so special from the beginning, like I wasn’t just a $$ to her- Krissy was truly passionate about my transformation and I felt that care every single time I interacted with her. I was appreciative and loved that she checked in with me to see how I was doing. I truly felt her support and commitment from beginning to end.

Since working with Krissy, I’ve had lots of shifts of awareness. I feel that I’m more aware of my patterns around emotional eating and feel more confident in my abilities to pull myself back into alignment. She helped me recognize what that place of alignment for me really is, and now I can feel when I am out of it, and know there is something else going on that I need to look into.

I would absolutely recommend Krissy as a coach. 100% with zero hesitations. She has a super unique and special understanding of business, spirituality and our relationship with food. She cares so deeply for her clients and truly exudes passion for their transformation. SHE IS ONE OF A KIND. I would recommend Krissy to anyone looking for a “spiritual business” teacher– as well as ANY and ALL who are ready to dive in to heal their relationship with binge eating, emotional eating, body image issues etc.

Hiring Krissy as your coach is absolutely a worthwhile investment!

Natalie Williams,
Sales Tech / Podcast Host

Before I started working with Krissy, I was feeling that I wasn’t doing anything aligned with my true passions and what I think is important in the world.

- Anne Pope, Data Scientist

work with krissy