✨My favorite Mantra for receiving more love, joy, and money✨

As soul-centered women, sometimes we can feel guilty for wanting what we want…

We almost can’t believe that we get to do work that’s aligned with our purpose AND make good money.

In relationships we might ask ourselves… can it really be this good? What if it doesn’t work out?

And when we start out on a health kick we can feel both super EXCITED to make a change and also question whether we will really stick with it.

When we do this, we end up coming from a place of fear, instead of love.

But when you align with the energy of love you EXPAND your capacity to receive… love, joy, and MONEY.

This is why today I want to share with you a simple mantra that you can implement right away to shift from fear to love, from scarcity and worry, to abundance and ease.

One of my VIP clients started practicing this mantra and went from $0 to $7k in income in our first month working together! 🤯

…but what was even more powerful was that she finally opened up to receiving money without feeling GUILTY about it.

The result?

More clients, more cash, and more clarity about what she wanted to offer now that she wasn’t letting fear or unworthiness get in the way.

This is what I want for YOU!

Watch the video below to get the mantra!




Give it a try this week and let me know how it goes!

And thank you from the bottom of my heart for watching and trying a new way of doing business and life that allows for more freedom, creativity, and feminine flow (while still getting RESULTS)!

Much love,

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