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How to Keep Going Even When You Don’t “Feel Like It”

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So excited to talk about this with you today:

“How do we keep going in our business even if we don’t ‘feel’ like it?”

This week, multiple clients shared they were having a hard time feeling excited about their business.

I felt it myself this month too… not sure if it’s because it’s winter in Vermont, or the fact my kid has been sick for weeks, or astrologically things are askew—but the truth is EVERYONE feels like stopping, giving up, or avoiding their business at some point.

I ALSO know that if you are here, like me (and like my clients), you are DEDICATED to creating a business and a life worth living and you don’t want these moments of doubt, exhaustion, or “blah” energy to stop you from making the impact and income you really want to make.

So how do we keep going even when we don’t feel like it?

Today I’m sharing 5 tips that I personally use to get out of the funk and into the vibe of showing up no matter what. 

#1 Schedule time for work AND rest

Often we work A L L the time as entrepreneurs and feel guilty for taking rest. We are conditioned to think that success only looks like this upward growth chart of more doing, earning, posting, etc. But the truth is, any long-term endeavor requires an ebb and flow of times of productivity and rest. When we fully embrace rest, we trust ourselves to work again, and when we work, we can do so with vigor because we know rest is around the corner. This goes for the day but also the year. In winter – whether its actual winter outside or we are in a “winter” season of our lives when we are inward it doesn’t help to put pressure on ourselves and say it should be spring – we can embrace the season we are in and get the medicine then emerge into the next cycle feeling refreshed and renewed. 

★ ACTION STEP: Block schedule your time for work and rest. Bonus points for mapping high and low seasons in your calendar year as well. Do what is necessary and then TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF.


#2 Cultivate “Ease in the Doing”

This is a concept I learned from Amanda Frances and it really changed my life. Sometimes you don’t want to do the things, but they are required of you to have the life or business you want. So rather than resisting it or making it a big deal, I do the things but ask myself — “How can I create ease in this, how can I have more fun, how can I make it EASY?” And so maybe I write the email I was putting off after a walk when I feel more flowy and clear and I write it quick rather than thinking about it for an hour. Or I make myself a cup of tea or plan a little fun thing after I do the thing. Maybe you can delegate or get support or take the pressure off. Most of the time, the actual THING we need to do isn’t as exhausting as all the energy we have around it. So make it fun and get it done. 🙂

★ ACTION STEP: Ask yourself – “How can I make this easy, fun, fast? What can I delegate? How can I bring in more ease?”


#3 Shift how you are relating to the thing

Similar to creating ease in the doing, it’s not always the thing but the story we are making about the thing. For example, I had a client recently doing a launch, and she was SO psyched about an event she was putting on, then later she was like, I don’t even want to share about this, it just doesn’t feel right or aligned. Instead of scraping the whole thing, we worked together to see what was off. She made some graphics she liked and shifted her energy and made it feel like her and BAM – in a day; she did more than she had done in a week because her energy was behind it. 

So often I ask myself, “ok this feels off and I’m avoiding it, what is not aligned about this or what needs to shift so that it is more aligned?” I see this a lot with clients who have full-time jobs. They are like, “I’m too exhausted by this damn job to do my business!” And when we clear up the relationship with the job, it’s like the job becomes 10x easier and they get promoted AND start their business.

★ ACTION STEP: Ask yourself – “What needs to shift in how I am doing this or relating to this to feel more aligned?”


#4 Your WHY must be stronger than your feelings 

Feelings are fleeting. We will never feel psyched, motivated, and wanting to show up on Instagram or share our work every day. It is not reasonable to expect this from ourselves. And as intuitive, heart-centered women, we are taught if it doesn’t “feel” right don’t do it – but the TRUTH is … MOST things in your business when they are new, stretchy, or going to get you where you never got before – they are going to feel incredibly uncomfortable. Like asking someone on a date or going through a breakup only to learn your worth and bring in an even better relationship. The experiences that cultivate courage or get us to the next level are often painful, uncomfortable, or terrifying. So resistance comes in to keep us safe and stay where we are. 

It might show up like procrastination, or perfection, or confusion, or brain fog, or feeling tired. It’s all about working WITH yourself, not against yourself in these moments and creating a WHY that is bigger than the feeling.

It is so easy, especially when starting out in your business or even if you’ve been at it for a long time to think – why am I even doing this? MOST entrepreneurs I know… joke about getting a 9-5. Discovering your purpose and being of service and figuring out online marketing, etc. takes a LOT. 

So you have to remember and hold the bigger vision. This is what will get you out of bed in the morning even when you are tired, it will have you ask that person to work with you even if you don’t feel ready or good enough or worthy, it will help carry you through your toughest times because when your work is soul-centered and aligned with your higher self, your work will bring out the best in you, energize you, and compel you to do what needs to be done to create the impact you desire and the life you want for yourself and those you love. 

★ ACTION STEP: Connect to your why and let it compel you.


#5 Take Pleasure in the Cultivation of Discipline 

So now that you know you can rest, and trust in when it’s time to push through and when it’s time to honor going inward – and that your vision and why needs to be stronger than your excuses, then it’s all about enjoying the follow through. 

I used to be a very STUCK person – judging everyone and everything, super hard on myself and my partner, didn’t workout, changed my mind about things constantly and never followed through. 

But now I actually LOVE being true to my word. I know that If I say I will do something and I do it, I can literally create my reality by speaking it into existence and following through.

I did NOT want to do this podcast today – but I was able to because I rested and will rest after; I knew that my why was more important than not feeling like it, but if I’m really honest, I did it because I SAID I was going to do it. I know it is what is required of me to create the impact and life and income I desire. So I have cultivated a taste, a desire, a PASSION for doing what I say I am going to do. This is what it means to be in integrity. I stick to my word; I do what I say I am going to do and I do it. 

★ ACTION STEP: Practice honoring your word and celebrating your follow through until it becomes second nature.


As always, I LOVE hearing from you… what are you taking from today’s episode? Comment below or email me at

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