Are you meant to be a healer? Here’s how to find out!!

Today I want to talk about why so many women feel so afraid to stand up and own their place as a Spiritual Leader and Healer on the planet right now.

I have heard from it from at least three or four women this week who said…

“I know I am meant for more.”

“I know that I’m here to do healing work, I have had gifts since I was a little girl where I could see things, feel things, and heal others.”

“I’ve always had the sense of wanting to give back and really be in service to the world doing healing work”

“I’ve been told ever since I was young that I’m too sensitive, that my “gifts” are woo, woo, or hocus-pocus, or witchy work. People always say: ‘how could you ever even think about making a living doing that?!”

So let’s talk about that, shall we?

Because honestly, right now more than ever, we need the ones who can heal to step up and do so.

Are you meant to be a healer? Click below to watch….



Please let me know if anything that I shared resonates or like hit home and what are you taking from this week’s training?

Remember, you’re not alone and you don’t need to figure this all out alone.

I encourage you to take action now…whether that’s joining us in The Aligned Female Entrepreneur program, or stepping up and claiming what you’re creating for the world, or maybe it’s just starting to think about this in a new way and consciously CHOOSING to contribute to this being the new reality.

I love you. I believe in you. Keep going.

And I’ll talk to you next week!

With love,

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