Mantra to Expand Your Capacity to Receive

I’m coming to you on this beautiful day in Vermont with a quick little video to give you one of my favorite mantras to increase you capacity to receive.

Sometimes when we grow, stretch or challenge ourselves, we tend to experience more loss than before.


Because anytime we move out of our comfort zone typically we need to let go of old excuses, comforts, and habits that no longer serve us.

The good news its, that as we do, we actually INCREASE our capacity to receive more of what we actually need or desire.

For example…

As you grow into your larger capacity as a business owner you might worry that you will have less free time to spend doing what you love and feel like you are going to need to “sacrifice” to be successful…


You might feel sadness or grief leaving an apartment, office, job, or relationship that you once loved and were nourished by but no longer serves you…


Perhaps a client you thought *for sure* was going to sign backs out, or a launch you prayed would be successful totally flops and you’re feeling discouraged…

Practicing this simple mantra helps to shift your thoughts away from the negative and to open up to what the Universe is really wanting for you.

In this way we remain in a place of gratitude while embracing the fact that all things change… and stay open to things becoming better than we ever imagined possible 🙂

Watch the video below to learn how to start practicing and putting it to use this week in your relationships, biz, with your clients, and your life!





Remember, when you come from your higher knowing, that’s when you’re able to create and co-create the reality that you want.

So give it a try this week… and let me know how it goes!

I’ll see you next week!

With love,

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