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​​​​​​​Hey Beauty,

For most of my life there wasn’t a day that went by that I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I was constantly cursing my belly rolls in the mirror, feeling guilty for overdoing it on sugar, and wishing I could just morph into a thinner version of me so I could finally enjoy life without all the drama.

Most nights I’d come home from work, take-out in hand, plop onto the couch and eat in front of the TV until my belly hurt. Then I’d immediately wonder what else was in the kitchen that I could get my hands on.

For me this meant a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (or 1/2 a pint on a good day), and I’d know as soon as I started eating it, the “healthy day” I had planned that morning had completely gone to shit. So I’d finish it ALL telling myselftomorrow I would be different, tomorrow I’d “get back on track.”

But as you can probably imagine, “tomorrow” never came. Or if it did, it would only last a few days or a week then bam! I’d be hit off my high horse of health by an over-indulgent dinner party, a late night out, or a weak moment at work when chocolate for breakfast seemed like a good idea.

The big problem was, I knew what I “should be doing” to have a healthy, fit body, I just couldn’t figure out how to actually DO IT.

Consistently, that is.

The irony was I was managing the marketing department for a multi-million dollar health food store, I had been dabbling in meditation for years, I even knew my ayurvedic constitution, and Lord knows I had tried every DIET plan under the sun!

Yet, late at night I’d find myself scrolling through Instagram feeds, seeing all these beautiful women who made the whole “being healthy and hot” thing look so frickin easy, or I’d run into an old friend who lost weight and thought “If so many people can do this, why the heck can’t I figure it out?”

Hoping to find answers, I remember dropping to my knees one day, in tears praying “Please, God, Universe, whatever is out there… PLEASE help me. I know I am meant for more than this. I know you didn’t put me on this earth to freak out about food FOREVER. Please show me the way out. Please help me find relief.

The worst part was the hopelessness that had started to creep in. Years were passing by and I wondered if I would EVER get a chance to feel at ease in my body in this lifetime.

Would I ever know what it’s like to actually feel excitement, rather than dread when I got invited to the beach? Would it be possible to spend a day fully present instead of taking trip after trip to the refrigerator?

If you’ve ever felt this way, please know it is possible to get to the other side.

If you met the “me” from just 3 years ago you probably wouldn’t recognize me. Because as I write this to you I have not only a different body, but a different life.

I finally figured out how to lose 50 pounds in a healthy way, but most importantly I feel free from the constant worry, stress, and panic I used to feel around food and behind closed dressing room doors, and I’ve been able to teach other women how to do the same.

So, if you’re starting to freak out inside because bathing suit and tank top weather is quickly approaching, and you’re feeling that old familiar urge to do something QUICK to lose the winter weight, I hope you’ll first consider hearing about my unique approach.

In celebration of Light, Fit, and Free, opening in just a few weeks, I’ve created a FREE video training that will give you the roadmap I used to lose the 50 pounds PLUS you’ll learn what it really takes to make weight loss not only possible, but inevitable.

The best part about this training, is that you’re going to learn how to create a body and a life you love in a way that feels authentic, inspiring, and truly unique to YOU.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.32.08 PM
As I am sure you are WELL aware, there’s a lot of conflicting nutrition and diet information out there and unfortunately a lot of “quick fix” programs are set up to push through the masses and typically leave you feeling like a failure because you can’t follow through or figure it out.

Not to mention how HARD it is to actually make good, healthy choices in this modern world! Am I right? Everywhere you look there are high-fat foods, SUGAR, and even junk disguised as “natural” that is actually making you fat.Plus women these days are working more and more while trying to DO IT ALL, and our own ideals of having slender, toned body, and uncomplicated relationship with food can seem like a far off fairy tale.

Especially if you’re someone like me who wasn’t born naturally skinny, doesn’t have a super fast metabolism, and who LOVES FOOD!

(On top of that I have a hormonal condition called PCOS that makes it difficult to lose weight, a food pusher for a Mom (love her dearly), and some imbalances left over from disordered eating in my past.)

Despite all this I firmly believe that losing weight and having a body you love IS possible. I was for me, and it is for you too. It’s not a selfish desire, or something to put off to “one day when I have time I’ll address this…”

HELL NO. The world needs you now.

I don’t want you to spend another day of your precious life worrying about your weight or stressing about your food choices.

I believe, as women, we need to learn how to heal ourselves, to transform our bodies from the inside out, in a way that feels empowering (not crazy-making) so that we can live our lives fully without our bodies holding us back.

Most importantly we need to pass this wisdom on to our daughters, and grand daughters so that young girls can stop spending YEARS of their lives depriving themselves, desperately trying to get “thin,” and instead start using their energy and ambition to get out there and change the f*ing world.

I know what it’s like to want to be thin so badly it hurts. I also know what it’s like to finally break free.

That’s why I wanted to offer you a few simple, but powerful changes that you can start making RIGHT NOW to help you lose the first 10 pounds in a way that you feel proud of.

In this free training series I am sharing with you what it took me 15 years and over 100k to learn trying to piece it together on my own. My intention is to give you a highly valuable training that will provide you a shortcut to finally having a body and a life you love.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • Why traditional diet programs are set up to fail creative, ambitious, and heart-centered women like you, plus what to do instead.
  • Get my proven roadmap that I used to lose 50 pounds without feeling like a crazy woman or resorting to weird diet foods or pills.
  • Uncover the transformative tips that will help you lose the first 10 pounds starting TODAY.

You can get access to this FREE 3-Part Light, Fit, and Free Video Training Right here.

There will be 3 more videos coming your way over the next couple weeks — be sure to keep an eye out in your inbox – these will only be up for a limited time and trust me, you will not want to miss them!

As always, if you find the training videos valuable, please comment and spread the word!

If you find that you could benefit from a step-by-step system, heart-felt support, and a kick-ass accountability sisterhood for getting in amazing shape this summer, then I would be honored to have you join us in the upcoming Light, Fit, and Free Program.

“See you” in the comments section of the videos!

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