What Do You Want to Make Possible?

Just a few years ago, I thought it was impossible to live in Hawaii. I didn’t know how people could do it. I didn’t have a rich family or a rich husband. In my mind, it seemed completely out of reach.

And now? I live in Hawaii, and I can walk to the beach in just a few minutes from my home.

What changed? How did something that felt so impossible…become possible?

What I want you to start to think about is this: Maybe nothing is impossible.

Maybe it’s ALL possible. 


Every single thing I’ve decided was possible, I’ve been able to make happen.

  • Overcoming my struggles with food.
  • Having my own business doing something I love.
  • Living in Hawaii.

I’m sharing this with you because so often we tell ourselves stories of impossibility. My question for you is: what if we started telling ourselves stories of possibility instead?

Watch my video below (and enjoy some beach scenery in the background!) to learn more about how this simple shift in thinking can make a big difference in your life.



Now I'd love to hear from you

  1. What has seemed impossible to you?
  2. What are you going to make possible?

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  • great vid Krissy…..It’s really got me thinking about what i want to make possible. I’ve been dragging my feet with my original music.. so i’m going to set a mission and get done in 2019. Thanks for your inspiration.