Ultimate Healthy Grilling Recipes!


Summer is the best. Am I right?

Especially living in Vermont, these sparse few months of warmth and sun are sacred to me.

Along with summer also comes a tizzy of post-hibernation festivities: our calendars can seem to just fill themselves between weddings, parties and social gatherings that encourage us to eat and drink in the open air with family and friends.

Lately I’ve been hearing from my clients things like this:

“I was doing great, THEN I went to this BBQ and I had an extra hot dog, totally had it on a white bun (I don’t even like them!), then the chips were calling my name… now I feel like I’m totally off track…”


“I know I should limit alcohol but having a few extra beers just seemed like the thing to do when we were hanging down at the beach…”

Let’s face it. If your options are to eat healthy OR indulge in summer fun, healthy is going to seem like a total drag!

So today I’m sharing with you a recipe pack that will give you the best of both worlds: healthy, plant-inspired recipes that will flatten your tummy and have you feeling amazing AND they’re so good that your meat-loving, beer guzzling friends will be asking you for seconds.

Here’s what you’ll get in this recipes pack:

-Homemade Truffle Oil Ketchup

-Crunchy, Tangy HEALTHY Coleslaw

-Falafel Burgers

-Veggie Stacks

I recently got to share these recipes on ABC during a segment called “Grilling without the Guilt” (pic below) see it all in action here!


Here’s to you and having it all!



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Photo credit: West Elm

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