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Should You Include Pricing On Your Website?

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Today I have a short and sweet episode for you but it will answer questions I have been getting a LOT lately… should you put your pricing on your website?

There are basically two schools of thought on this. As I share both, I want you to listen to your own inner knowing and intuition on which feels most aligned for you.

Option 1: Including Prices on Your Website

Some people love including their pricing on their website because it acts as a filter to people signing up for a call or enrolling in the course. So if you already have a steady flow of people inquiring about your work and you don’t want to waste time and energy having conversations with people who are not willing to invest, this can be a way to only get on calls with people ready to say YES to working with you.

Also, we know that when you pay money; you pay attention, so having higher priced offers and including the price clearly on your site can help solidify your value and position you work at a premium. 

Option 2: Not including Pricing on Your Website 

Since putting the price can filter some people out (which can be a good thing) it is also important to consider that you might miss out on the people who get “sticker shock” and click away from your sales page without understanding how much your work could change their lives.

Especially if you are starting out or don’t have a full client load, I suggest NOT including your pricing and instead directing as many people as possible to a call with you. 

The benefit is that you will get more experience doing closing the deal calls (as we call them in The Aligned Female Entrepreneur) which is a CRITICAL skill in growing your expertise and income.

Often people who might have thought $1000 or $5000  was too much money to spend will go through a call with you, understand how amazing it would be to work with you, have their vision activated, and feel excited about investing thinking: “WOW that’s actually a pretty great value considering what I am getting!”

As a rule of thumb, I include the price for anything under $500 automatically. Over $500 can feel more like an investment people need to think about, so directing them to a short call will increase your conversions to paying clients. As you grow your business and are more picky about your people, you might consider including the price for higher-end products, too. 

There is also a 3rd option that I find helpful for high-end programs you want to fill and have lots of candidates for and let them know it’s a premium product WITHOUT turning people away based on price – and that is to direct people on your sales page to an APPLICATION form. 

In the form you will ask powerful questions like “what do you want?,”  “ what is holding you back from getting it?”, “what are you looking for?”, etc so that you can  activate their vision and have them more excited to work with you! Then you can include questions like “the value of this program far exceeds the cost but we require a significant investment of both time and energy to get the results promised – are you committed to investing in your success?” Or “this particular course requires a five-figure investment. Are you the primary decision maker when it comes to making this type of financial decision?” 

This will help you screen candidates without eliminating the pool of applicants. 

This works best for things like 1:1 coaching or a high level mastermind. Rather than a group course or product under $2k. 

What is resonating most for you?

Again, there is no WRONG way – and the good news is you can always change your mind.

So, taking into consideration the 2 options and rule of thumb above, what will you do for each of your offers? 

Go ahead and take action now! 

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