I'm Krissy!

I’ll help you cut through the noise of internet marketing and show you what it really takes to create a highly profitable business aligned with your soul purpose, unique gifts, and expertise.

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The Biggest Mistake Busy Women Make when Trying to lose weight – and how to change it – QUICK!


Discover the biggest mistake busy ladies make when it comes to eating that actually prevents them from losing weight – if you are making this mistake be sure to pay special attention, this is one will help you start changing the way your body stores fat during your very next meal!


1: Next time you eat see how SLOWLY you can savor each bite (extra points for chewing REALLY well and for making orgasm-y oooh and ahhh and mmmm sounds ;))


These recipes are ready in 15 minutes or less so you can free up time to enjoy every bite of your meal!

  1. Go-to Green Smoothie
  2. Quick and Healthy Raw Vegan Tacos
  3. Lemon-Tahini Greens with Pan-Fried Tofu


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Click here to access Session 3: My Unconventional Approach to Conquering Cravings. (Ladies, this works wonders on things like sugar, cheese and carbs! If you feel nuts around these foods, this is a must-listen training for you!)


Here are real results from women who used the SPARK Method for having an amazing life and a body to match!


A few small changes that Krissy recommended for me have had more impact than countless doctors and other “experts.”

Krissy offered me targeted, specific advice for my unique situation and kicked off a huge transformation for me with some health challenges I’ve been struggling with for years. As a result, I finally started to feel better…. more than I had in several years! She has some innate wisdom and real experience. I’m so grateful for her ideas, wisdom, and caring approach. I wouldn’t be “on the mend” as I am now if it hadn’t been for her!!

Business Coach
Corvallis, Oregon


Working with Krissy I Lost 10 pounds!

Before working with Krissy I was hesitant to spend money on myself for something that I wasn’t going to follow through on. I worked with a coach years ago and didn’t see any remarkable change. I’ve purchased programs…no change. Working with Krissy I lost 10 pounds and have stepped out of the terrible, energy-robbing, continuous loop of self-judgment about what I eat. Krissy is a powerhouse of expertise and loving support. I love how she deftly wove together the practical and the sacred as we mapped my journey of self-love, acceptance and transformation.  Each call has been an awesome combination of laughter, actionable education, and mind expanding ideas.  I never felt pressure from her to change; only invitation.  Her support has been invaluable and steadfast.  I am so grateful to have found Krissy Ruddy!

Mentor and Mother
Loveland, Ohio


My skin has completely cleared up!

I originally went to Krissy for some health issues (acne and bloating) but the sessions went so much deeper than that. Krissy gave me the tools and confidence to listen to my body. I would recommend Krissy’s program to anyone!

Yoga Teacher
Burlington, Vermont


Hi, I'm Krissy.
Your BFF + New Creative Coach.

I’ll help you cut through the noise of internet marketing and show you what it really takes to create a highly profitable business aligned with your soul purpose, unique gifts, talents, and expertise. I’m all about that woo-woo life but live for solid biz + marketing strategies that allow you to make more money in less time so that you can free up your time and energy to create a meaningful LIFE. 

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When you create a business in alignment with Spirit all that is needed comes through you as an act of love and service for the world. You can truly create anything you want in this life. I’m here to show you how. 


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