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Breaking down the things that saved me these last 9 months of building a business while growing a baby. 

Feel free to add your must-haves in the comments section so we can create a resource for all new-mama’s to be!

1st trimester – AKA Navigating the Nausea

Preggie Pops – these SAVED me. Before each client call, I would pop one of these, put on my wristbands, and hold on for dear life. I didn’t figure out this combo until a couple of months in. It was a GAME CHANGER. 

Anti-Nausea Wrist bands – these things actually work! GET THESE. No drugs or side effects, but almost instant relief!

Alllll the teas – You’ll want to stay cozy and hydrated, but did you know you aren’t supposed to consume herbs when pregnant? Turns out it’s a no-go for pregnancy. Even “Pregnancy Tea” with red raspberry leaf isn’t recommended until later in pregnancy. So stick with ginger tea, nettle tea, and mint tea. I also liked this one from Pink Stork.

The Best Decaf Coffee – I’m not a big coffee drinker, but when mild teas aren’t curbing the craving, this one is a really nice decaf that I dabbled with on weekends. Delish!

The Robe – I bought this after being sucked into a black hole on Instagram following a sourdough recipe that led to a high-end sleepwear website. (Damn it, the algorithm knows all my weak spots!) I bought this robe to honor my transition to motherhood and it was the best investment I’ve made in a long time! I LOVE it. And my husband even thinks I look sexy in it. For mamas who are about to start living in robes pre and postnatal, it’s kind of essential.

This Almond Oil (For Preventing Stretch Marks) – I used this religiously 2x a day, and as I write this at 39 weeks (and B-I-G) I still have yet to get a single stretch mark. Plus, it’s organic and super nourishing for dry skin if you are pregnant during the winter. 

Ritual Prenatals – another impulse purchase from Instagram, but I actually LOVE these and my Dr. gave them the green light. There might be cheaper options out there, but I love that you can set these on auto-ship so you never run out – also really like their prenatal protein powder.

Garden Of Life Prenatal Probiotics – I dig a good probiotic and have been popping these since day one. Not a single day of constipation – not sure if it’s connected, but since it sounds like most women struggle with this, I swear by these.

Mary Ruth’s Prenatal Iron Supplement – being a vegetarian and tending toward anemia, I started bringing this supplement in. I like the berry flavor and they are less constipating than iron pills. I started taking this early on and my blood work reflected it was working!

ROOTED Journal: Honoring the Inward Path To Motherhood – someone sent this to me when I first announced I was pregnant (I still don’t know who!) and I got a lot out of the journal prompts and deeper introspection that it brought up around motherhood. Especially being pregnant during a pandemic, it was helpful to feel seen and supported each week. 

What to Expect – there are a million apps out there, but I liked that this one showed actual images of the baby and the collection of little cells that would be our baby – right from the beginning. As a manifester, it was helpful for me to visualize each week our baby growing and it was SO helpful to know which symptoms were normal and what to expect. This app kept me sane, informed, and pleasantly distracted throughout my pregnancy. 


2nd trimester – AKA Superwoman energy. Time to do all the things. 

Systems + Automated income – this was the moment I was waiting for – my energy came back and I knew I needed to get sh*t set up strategically if I was going to take a maternity leave in a few months and not have to worry about income. I used Asana to organize all upcoming projects and delegate to my assistant. Then I planned the launch of The Aligned Female Entrepreneur a few months out so that I could have recurring revenue when I wasn’t working. We made way more than enough to cover my business and personal expenses for 4-5 months (I break it all down in this podcast episode). And if you want to work remotely for yourself and make a great income doing so, join me in the next round of AFE!

Panda Planner – My amazing assistant, Brenda, sent this to me and I LOVE it! So helpful for breaking the endless to-do list into manageable daily tasks. 

H+M Maternity Clothes – this was a God-send. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on stuff that I might only use once, plus I am just not a flowy maternity blouse kind of girl, so the main-stream maternity clothes were not going to work for me. Instead, I created a little maternity capsule wardrobe from H+M that has lasted me my entire pregnancy! Here’s what to get: 2 t-shirts, black and white, 2 long sleeve black and white, 2 pairs of maternity jeans, 2 pairs of high-waisted yoga pants, their cute overalls (I get SO many compliments on these!), and a tight black dress. Then you can layer your regular clothes on top and make really cute outfits on repeat.

Blanqui – LOVE their leggings and tank tops, which are nice and long and have built-in support. Gotta say, though, these need to be treated VERY carefully when washing to keep them in good condition. Target has some cheap alternatives that actually held up ‌well from “Isabel” Maternity. 

Tula + Fortuna – by this time in your pregnancy you start to feel, well, pregnant. For me, living on a homestead in Vermont during COVID meant I wasn’t going out much but still wanted to feel sexy and beautiful… so I threw down on some really good skin care products that are all natural and made me feel like a goddess. Especially love this oil from Furtuna and these from TULA.

Pregnancy Pillow – did I mention you are starting to feel pregnant? SO another thing I learned – you aren’t supposed to sleep on your back (or stomach, duh) while pregnant… So if you are a natural side sleeper you are set, but since I am a back sleeper this pregnancy pillow SAVED me. It’s not “too” gigantic that it takes up the entire bed, but it helps you sleep on your side and is ESSENTIAL in the 3rd trimester when it’s tricky to get comfortable enough to catch some Z’s. 

Parachute Sheets – speaking of splurges and bedding – this was the BEST investment (besides “The Robe”) I made during my pregnancy. I even talked to a “bed expert” to design the perfect breathable sheets, textures and colors for me and my husband to both feel comfortable in our little cocoon. Worth EVERY PENNY. We went with this linen duvet cover. These shams. This comforter. These Sheets. Or set up your own FREE bedding consultation here!

Babyletto – we got this crib and this dresser and this glider for our nursery after looking at tons of more expensive options. These were the best reviewed and seemed like they would last us the longest because the dresser top comes off and the bed turns into a toddler bed. I switched out the knobs on the dresser for gold and this looks super minimal and cute. Be sure to order your nursery furniture a ways away from your due date since it can take a while to come in! Also, did you know babies don’t sleep in their crib for a while? Grab yourself a Halo Bassinet or splurge on a Snoo for keeping baby by your side those first few months. 

Babylist – at this point you are going to need to learn about #allthethings that a baby needs the first year. It’s really pretty simple: onesies, swaddles, pjs, diapers, wipes. BUT using Babylist was SO easy, I just copied other people’s registries to figure out the essentials. It’s easy to order and add things from across multiple stores online and find out when someone gets you something so you can check it off your “to-purchase” list without having to wait until after your baby shower. 


3rd trimester – AKA Nurturing the Mother To-Be

Honoring Your Body – By this time my focus shifted away from the “stuff” and more toward honoring my body and being more present to my pregnancy and the reality that we were bringing a little human into the world in a few short months! I was pretty big and awkward moving around, but I didn’t have any pain or major discomfort. I attribute this to network chiropractic, weekly or daily prenatal and staying active (spinning or walking daily) through my pregnancy. 

Feeling Sexy / Babymoon Vibes – I’m going to say it – having sex takes a little creative maneuvering when you are at this stage and feeling sexy can feel like a stretch. I found it SO helpful to have date nights with Matt, little romantic getaways (even if just a town away), and taking the time to put on makeup and do my hair and put on something other than yoga pants and a sweater at night. I also loved getting a couple of silk kimonos that were easy to sleep in and wear around that gave off fertile goddess vibes rather than “I’ve completely given up” preggie vibes. Embracing the belly with tight-fitting clothes and dresses was also big for me. I actually felt more confident in a skin-tight dress with my big pregnant belly than I ever did pre-pregnancy – so work it, girl!

WINTER PREGGIES: Slip on Boots + Big jacket – For winter mamas these are essential because it is just not that easy to get the boots on and off and the jackets just don’t fit – I luckily fit into one oversized jacket my husband had but otherwise plan to go open jacket, double up layers, or invest in a biggie that you love.

Positive Birth Company – I loved being distracted toward the end of my pregnancy by listening to this training in the car or while grocery shopping or nesting. This Hypnobirthing and educational series is only $39 (!!) and gave me all the confidence I needed to approach birth, feeling informed and empowered. 

GROW prenatal birth class – This was the in-person birth class we took in Vermont that Matt and I both LOVED. They also offer virtual classes! Definitely attend a birth class if you can – you just can’t beat the camaraderie, getting the best info, and asking questions first hand.

That’s it! 

Now I want to hear from YOU!

What were your pregnancy must-haves?? Leave them in the comments below!






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