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My Top Workout and Yoga Playlists

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You know I love finding ways to make having a body you love not only possible, but ENJOYABLE too, so today I have a special treat for you!

If you’ve been having a hard time finding that “get-up-and-go” when it comes getting moving, it’s time to refresh up your playlist.


But first a little mind candy…

I knew I was onto something when I found my first killer running playlist. This was a couple years back and this new habit helped lead to my 50 pound weight loss.

With the right music I found it somewhat bearable to to keep going, I’d just place a sweet soothing song when I wanted to relax into the run, and my girl Rhianna got me up every.damn.hill.

Turn’s out the scientists agree.

In a 2012 review of the research, Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University in London, one of the world’s leading experts on the psychology of exercise music, wrote that one could think of music as “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug.”

When listening to music, people run farther, bike longer and swim faster than usual—often without realizing it. This is because we get that extra surge of momentum…something inside us rises to meet the beat.

Researchers found that the most important qualities of workout music are tempo—or speed—and what psychologists call rhythm response, which is more or less how much a song makes you want to groove.

According to Scientific American, most people have an instinct to “synchronize their movements and expressions with music—to nod their heads, tap their toes or break out in dance—even if they repress that instinct in many situations.”

So what music should you stack your playlist with?

“Fast songs with strong beats are particularly stimulating,” so that’s why most playlists are heavy handed with the pop songs, which interestingly enough follow the formula for that addictive head nodding, bootie shaking beat. (Ahhhh, so maybe it’s science that is making us LOVE that new Miley Cyrus song even though we want to hate it…).

In fact, in a recent survey of 184 college students, the most popular types of exercise music were hip-hop (27.7 percent), rock (24 percent) and pop (20.3 percent).

It’s science people.

The other thing to look out for when it comes to choosing what to put on your latest playlist? Emotional response. For some of us music just moves us… emotionally that is. This is me when I’m running to “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables busting out split leaps and bawling my eyes out (true story).

SO, if you’re secretly (or not so secretly) into show tunes, or get moved by some Grateful Dead from ’77, or that song you played 1000000 times in middle school, then add THAT to your playlist too. (And Hey Jude. Always Hey Jude.)

My go-to Playlists

Below are my favorite playlists that you should totally steal. Choose what moves you depending on your mood. Pin the pretty picture above so you don’t forget ’em!

PLUS I want to hear from YOU!

What song can you not help but dance to? Which song gets you to the top of the hill when you’re out on a run? What song do you drunkingly request at EVERY wedding so you can get out there and bust a move? I want to hear it all.

In love and rhythm,





**You’ll need to have Spotify to listen live (you check your pop-up settings if it doesn’t prompt you), or just snag the titles and download them on itunes! Plus check out my Facebook page to win an itunes gift card today (Friday)!**

Meditate and Sweat

Start off slow and steady, move from meditation to HIIT, resistance training, or dancing then cool down and take svasana 😉

Fun, Chill Walking Music

Just what it says

Sunday Morning Yoga Flow

Start off slow and move into a steady, sweaty yoga flow.

Running Around Power Woman

Yes. Absolutely. This is the playlist you’ve been looking for.

Mid-Day Reset

For when you need a mental reset – pop this on and head out mid-day to shake loose some energy, destress and reenergize (it’s better than a cup of coffee, I swear).

Cardio Audio

Every song you need to get moving.

Mellow Mood

Because sometimes it feels good to move to something a little more mellow. Tune out the world, background fades, relax and go the distance.

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