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How to Structure your Day, Week, and Month to Hit Your BIG Money Goals

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Today’s episode is a little quickie that will give you a simple framework for structuring your time to hit your goals, in business and in life.

This is the exact framework I used to grow my business to six figures, so grab a pen and paper and get ready to write these steps down. 

They are SO simple but it’s amazing how powerful they are in helping you focus, reduce overwhelm, and really key in on where to focus your energy to get the results you want in your health, relationships, business and life!

STEP 1: Write down your yearly goal

By the end of the year, looking back, what is it you will have wanted to accomplish? 

You might have a list of things, and that’s ok.

But now I want you to look at that list and choose the ONE BIG THING that would make all the other goals inevitable?

For example, your one big thing might be hitting six figures, scaling your course to $5k months, setting up your business foundation + accepting paying clients, creating your first offer and selling it out. 

STEP 2: Break Down Your One Big Thing with This “Magic Question”

Ask yourself: “What would make my ‘one big thing’ inevitable?”

What smaller actions or mini-goals if you took them/accomplished them would make it almost impossible to NOT reach your goal?

For example, if your “one big thing” is to leave your full-time job to do your soul-centered work full-time, then breaking it down into action steps would look like this:

ONE BIG THING: Leave job and do business full time.

What would make this inevitable for you?

  1. Making at least $5k a month to offset my current income and cover expenses.

What would make that inevitable?

  1. Having 5 paying clients at $1k a month.

What would make that inevitable?

  1. Having a product/service that is at least $1k a month and having people buy it.

What would make that inevitable?

  1. Create my business structure, develop a high-value offer and set myself up to take payments, also find people who want to work with me

What would make that inevitable?

  1. Create my website or hire a coach or join The Aligned Female Entrepreneur… you get the idea

Keep asking yourself that same magic question of “what would make this inevitable” until you have broken that one big thing into a series of smaller goals/action steps.

STEP 3: List Out Your Action Steps

Next, you are going to make a list of action steps based on the KEY actions you distilled above and these become the things you will focus on first, second, third etc. until you reach your goal.

Kind of obvious, but also mind-blowing at the same time, right? So often in our business we just have the big goal – ok make a full-time income and then sit down at our computer in the morning and don’t know where to start – we surf Instagram, tinker with our website, make snacks, design a thing, all little stuff that keeps us incredibly BUSY but at the end of the day we don’t have the clients or income to justify our efforts and many people give up.

But not YOU!

You are going to take the next step and ensure you get to your goal, and quickly.

STEP 4: Blueprint Your Week

Love this concept from one of my coaches, Joanna Lindenbaum. Blueprinting your week means you are going to pull the first thing that needs to happen on your action steps list and plug it into your week.

These action steps become your daily tasks. 

You are literally going to book into your calendar exactly what you are going to work on and when. 

SO, for example, if creating your website is the first step to set off this inevitable course of events that leads to your goal, you are going to add that task to your calendar.

Here is the BIG secret for success… do NOT put on your calendar “work on website”! It’s too big and overwhelming.

Instead, it might look something like this:

  • Monday: research whether I should build my ‌website or hire someone.
  • Tuesday: research local website developers and make a list of their work and rates.
  • Wednesday: look into platforms for building my site, make a list of pros and cons, and rates.
  • Thursday: schedule 3 phone calls with people I know who have a website I like and see what they did.
  • Friday: decide on building my website or hiring someone. 

See how you only need to really have one “work chunk” a day – it could only be an hour or so, but if you focus on the right thing, in a week you will be further than you were in a month or even a year without using this framework?

STEP 5: Follow Through on your Blueprinted Task Each Day

I love having ONE THING I need to do each day. I remember an entrepreneur I admire saying this and thinking ONE THING?! Ya right! I have a hundred things on my to-do list – and I would sit down and work like crazy and after a year of that; I was barely making minimum wage in my business.

When I started working in this way, intentionally and simply, I scaled to six figures in a few months. 

Success in business isn’t achieved by doing ALLLL the things, it’s created by doing the most important things extraordinarily well. 

PRO TIP: If you don’t complete a task, block it somewhere else. If you move it forward 3 times, ask yourself – why am I putting it off?. Chances are it either needs to be broken down more, so it’s not overwhelming you, or it’s not important and needs to be looked at or changed. 

So there you have it!

FIVE simple steps to structure your Day, Week, and Month to Hit Your BIG Money Goals.

Was this helpful? Do you have questions? What action step are you going to take as a result of today’s episode? Take a minute to let me know! I love hearing from you guys. As always, you can find me in the comments of this episode at, DM me on Instagram at xokrissyleonard, or send me an email at

I love you. I believe in you. KEEP GOING! And I’ll talk to you next week!


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