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Today I have a very special treat for you.

Recently I’ve noticed a trend in the breakthroughs my clients have when we work together. I find that once women begin to revitalize their energy, clean up their diet, and shed extra weight, their confidence soars.

They start speaking up for what they need in their relationships, they start dressing more authentically, organizing their house differently, and most notably they realize that they want more from their careers too.

This makes so much sense to me because I remember all too well how painfully intertwined my work was with my eating habits.

Every day I would find myself pulling up a project on my computer, staring at glowing screen with a pit in my stomach, and immediately thought – ugh. I really don’t want to do this sh$&. But I know what will make this remotely tolerable! – CHOCOLATE!

For the last 5 years of my marketing career I was working for a big natural foods store and edible distractions were available by the masses. If it wasn’t chocolate it was a Rice Dream Ice Cream Sandwich, a chocolate chip cookie, or a big gooey panini from the sandwich bar.

I gained 15 pounds my first year on the job.

However, when I decided to go back to school for nutrition on the side, bring what I really loved to do into my work (I taught yoga classes to my coworkers and acted more myself rather than “professional Krissy”), I organized my desk in a beautiful way, and started to live the life I wanted (even before I left my job) – everything changed.

I lost 40 pounds. I started making a hefty second income through coaching, and I created boundaries around brining work home, staying late, and answering emails on the weekends.

And something remarkable happened: the more in touch with my body I became, the more powerful I became on all levels.

Today I am sharing with you an interview with my friend Ashley Burnett, Business and Leadership Coach and Founder of StrongBodyLove.Com. Ashley is an expert on feeling more embodied in your life and in your business.

In this interview we cover how practicing “embodied leadership,” as Ashley calls it, can not only help you feel more powerful in the skin your in, but it can also help bust through fear and self doubt so you can speak your truth in the world, in your business, and in your life.

You’ll also hear the straight story on what it took for Ashley to go from feeling uncomfortable in her body and playing small in life, to feeling more confident, more embodied and able to start her own thriving coaching practice.

BONUS: Check out the fantastic meditation tool she shares around the 12:15 min mark – it’s perfect for reducing stress before giving a talk, presentation, or simply tackling a big project from a place of clarity and power (think more done in less time, sans stress and internal freak outs!).


We want to hear from you!

Let us know in the comments below – what is one thing you struggle with when it comes to really living full out in your career or in your business? What can you do this week to shift this?

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  1. Gina C says:

    Great chat with Ashley and looking forward to Wed’s training session. It’s been a few months since my coaching with you has stopped but wanted you to know I’m still plugging along. I really haven’t lost any more weight, but more importantly I don’t stress over it. I’m finally able to love who I am each day. That’s the greatest gift you have given me! Thanks for continuing to keep us informed! Love you girl!

    • Krissy Ruddy says:

      Thanks for the check in Gina! I actually thought of you when I first talked to Ashley about doing the interview! Glad this is helpful. It sounds like you are finding true freedom. “I’m finally able to love who I am each day” -mmmMMM mmm! LOVE this. There is certainly a lot to love about you Gina girl – keep rocking it! xoxo Krissy

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