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Today I want to talk to you about how to build your dream career in just 90 minutes a day

Whether you’re in a 9 to 5 job or you’re raising a family, or you just don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands…. this is going to be really important mini training for you.

And if you’re like me and you just really want to live your LIFE where you’re present with the people that you love, you have time to travel, be in nature, and do the things you want to do with your life…

This mini training is going to help you know where to FOCUS in order gain TRACTION in your business (even if you don’t have a lot of time).

So how do you grow your business steadily without devoting 100% of your waking hours to it?

Watch the video below to find out!




If you are just starting out… here’s where to focus:

STEP 1: Get clear on your mission.

Why do you do what you do? What moves you? What breaks your heart in the world? Why are you doing this work?

This is the number one thing that you need to start with even if it takes you months of journaling and you’re filling up journal after journal after journal, getting clear on the contribution that you want to make to the planet.

It’s worth every single second!

Because when you build a business aligned with your highest purpose and your gifts and your skills and your talents, your WHY is going to be that thing that really super charges everything that you do.

I’m not going to mess around here…building your own business takes effort. It takes a lot of energy; it takes persistent and consistent showing up.

And if you don’t have a mission that moves you, that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning… it’s not going to be strong enough to have you make it for the long run.

That’s why people build these beautiful fancy websites, and then they end up going out of business a couple years later.

Honestly, all the glitz and glamour doesn’t matter if you don’t have a mission that’s really aligned.

So even if you’re in your current job right now journaling, getting surrounded by people who motivate you and inspire you… following me on Facebook, Instagram and following other people that have what you want is super important so that you’re surrounding yourself with the energy of what you want to create and knowing that it is possible.

STEP 2: Get clear on who you want to work with.

I know a lot of business coaches lead you through exercises to do this… who’s your ideal client, your ideal client avatar, etc..

But here’s the gist: you’re going to ask friends, family members, colleagues…”Would you be willing to sit down with me for 30 minutes? I’m either just starting up my business or I’m refining my offers, and I would love to get your input. I think you’d have some really valuable Insight on the work that I want to be doing and putting out into the world. Would you be willing to sit down with me for 30 minutes and share your perspective on things with me?”

People love getting asked for their opinion on things and to be listened to really intently.

When you do meet with those people, you’re going to ask them:

  • What is it that you want when it comes to (the area you want to work in)?
  • What’s been holding you back from getting what you want/results?
  • What’s stopping you or slow you down from getting there?
  • What have you tried that worked for you in the past or didn’t work for you in the past?
  • What is your dream solution?

Okay, and so rather than spending those 90 minutes a day thinking like, who am I? What do I do? You’re just going to decide… this is what I want to do with my life.

And then you’re going to go out there and you’re just going to start talking with people and really serving them, listening to them, hearing their stories.

And only then will you be able to develop your offers and what you’re going to be selling to your potential clients and customers. Or if you’re already in business, your Next Level offerings.

Okay, so that’s a good place to start. Once you develop a rapport with your ideal clients and the people that you have a sense you could help, then you’re going to…

STEP 3. Create an offer that solves their problem.

I know this sounds obvious, but if you don’t have an offer in your business, you don’t have a way to make money.

So, offers are the things that allow you to monetize your business, monetize your passions, your skills, your strengths.

For example, if you’re an interior decorator your offer might be something to help people revamp one of the rooms in their home or it might be an hourly session where you provide your feedback and consultation. It might be a month-long immersion where you help them go deep into the construction phase of their home and help them pick out all the features.

Your offerings can be retreats or eBooks. They can be speaking engagements. Anything really that allows you to make money.

If you don’t have a way to make money in your business, you don’t have a business. You just have an expensive hobby.

Okay, the other thing you need to think about with your offers and designing your offer is…

How can you solve a problem for your ideal client? How can you solve a problem? How can you get them from point A to point B?

This is going to be really important. And if you’re like, I don’t know how to do this. I’m just getting started. I can definitely help you!

This is my specialty… to help you develop offers and programs that really feel like magnetic to your ideal clients so when they read them, they are like “yes, that’s what I need. That’s what I want!”

And you can do that by starting to really listen to people, understanding what they’re going to need in order to get their problem solved, and then develop your offer, which will help them get from where they are to where they want to go.

Once you have these things in place, you really have the foundation of your business.

So, if you only have 90 minutes a day, you’re going to focus on building your foundation… because once you have those key pieces in place, then you’re going to have more clarity and you’re going to have more confidence. Your energy is going to be aligned and you’re going to be able to start doing your work in the world. (WOO HOO!)

And if you’re already in business here’s what to do:

If you already have your mission and your clients, your website setup and you have your offers and you’re ready to hit it… then here are the things I want YOU to think about.

STEP 1: Ask yourself : How can I serve my current clients powerfully?

You don’t need a fancy website. You don’t need all the bells and whistles, marketing funnels and all that jazz to build a really powerful, successful, sustainable income.

I built my entire business to six-figures online just creating real authentic relationships with people and getting really good at helping them and getting their problem solved (aka getting them where they want to go). I have a great track record.


If you’re not taking incredible care of your clients and you’re off trying to think about how you can make your next YouTube video… you’re missing the point.

Focus on what’s in front of you… surprise, delight, give your clients and customers the best possible care than they can ever imagine, and you will not have to suffer to find clients again because they’re going to refer everybody they know to you and to your services.

STEP 2: Ask yourself: How can you bring in your next client or customer?

That’s it.

It might be posting on social media or offering a free call.

It might be setting up a workshop.

It might be reaching out to one of your amazing clients who loves and respects you and say, “hey, I have a coaching spot available. Do you know anybody?”

It could be reaching out to people on social media and just helping them out… going into Facebook groups…. serving people and really offering value.

So, I want you to think about it like this. It’s not like you’re just looking for sales and bring in the next client to make you money. It’s… how can I constantly be in the vibe of being of high service to those I work with and those that I can serve in the future?

Alright, so there you have it my friends…. how to build your business in 90 minutes or less a day, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years.

I would love to hear what you thought of this video… was this helpful?

What are you going to take from this video and apply to your life and your business this week in order to see results?

Remember, clarity comes through action.

I love hearing your feedback.

Email us at if you have an insight from this video or if you need any support, I’m here for you.

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