A Spiritual Take on Body and Business Goals

Something a yoga teacher told me once changed my life.

I was unsure about whether I should go into marketing or get my yoga teacher’s training certification because I didn’t want to “make money and be vain.”

She said, “Krissy, being vain isn’t caused by money. Being vain is caused by misalignment with spirit. Alignment with spirit is abundant. Nature wants you to be abundant.”

We often think it’s more spiritual to be close to the earth and not make a lot of money. Or it’s not spiritual to want to look hot and rock red lipstick or go to the gym.

But the truth is, spirit doesn’t want us to be impoverished.

Nature’s essence is to be full out, to bloom, to create, to be ABUNDANT.

Holding yourself back isn’t enlightened.

What’s most spiritual is what’s aligned with your highest abilities, your highest sense of truth, your highest sense of capability in the world.

That’s why spiritual practices can help you reach your weight loss goals and make more money in your business and career.

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  1. Where are you holding yourself back in your fitness goals, eating habits, or business/career?
  2. What if you gave yourself permission to be able to have it all?

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