Food Freedom

Its 9pm you’ve just gotten home from a stressful day of work, you head to the fridge, too exhausted to even think about cutting up veggies… you open the freezer, grab the ice cream, and sink to the floor (spoon in hand) because you just don’t have the energy to get to the table.  

You want to have an uncomplicated relationship with food, and wish you didn’t have to worry all the time about your weight or the way your clothes fit, you’ve tried to cut back on sugar and make an effort to exercise, but sometimes things just feel totally out of control.  

You’re realizing you’ve been at this for WAY too long. You just wish you could get to the other side of this whole struggle with food and your body so you can get on with your LIFE. 


I’m not your typical always-been-skinny-just-eat-carrot-sticks-and-cottage-cheese-what’s-the-big-deal type of Nutritional consultant. 

Being thin or stopping at one square of dark chocolate never came easy to me.  

I struggled with eating disorders for over 10 years, had a pint-a-night Ben and Jerry’s habit, and suffered my way through every diet under the sun since I was six years old. 

Ironically, every time I tried to “get healthy” (AKA lose weight) I ended up at my least happy, healthy, or sane.  

I was thinking about food and my weight CONSTANTLY – yet nothing was changing.  

I felt like something was wrong with me.  

Then one day I hit my ultimate low… 

I was at my naturopath’s office and while she was out of the room I was poking around… (don’t judge, we’ve all done it) and I casually glanced at the BMI chart.  

My jaw literally dropped… the square was bright red…I was obese.  

I broke down in tears.  

It was about more than just the number on the scale… I felt completely TRAPPED.   


So I went looking for answers… 

Everything I found on the market was either super agro “body chisel, body attack, fix this fix that eat boiled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, forget about wine and dinner parties while you’re at it” or “love yourself the way you are, every body is beautiful, just buy the next size up.”  

I wanted to love myself and be okay with where I was at, but the truth is…all the affirmations felt like a lie.

I wanted REAL results too. 

So I went back to school and studied with the top leaders in Nutrition and Habit Change Psychology and created my own unique method that combines powerful, science-based practices in holistic nutrition, habit change psychology, spirituality and mindfulness, a totally new approach to cooking and eating that’s a hell of a lot more fun.  

As I tested this method on myself, things finally started to change… QUICKLY. 

I lost 50 pounds, my anxiety and depression became a thing of the past, my skin cleared up so much people asked me my secret all the time, my “incurable” hormonal condition (PCOS) even seemed to be reversing itself.  

The best part was I was still eating chocolate, drinking wine, and not even going to the gym most days. I was simply focusing on a few key habits that were working better than I could have ever imagined.  

I knew I was onto something BIG.



Since then I’ve tested, repeated, and distilled this system so that I could help other ambitious, creative women understand how to reach their ideal weight and optimal health in a way that is fun, intuitive, and deeply aligned (not rigid or obsessive) and that is ACTUALLY REALISTIC for a woman who works, like to go out with friends, eat out, and doesn’t have the time, money, or energy to spend counting calories or spending hours at the gym.   

This method has worked for women who want to lose a few pounds and have more energy, to women who have struggled for over 40 years and desperately wanted to just get to “the other side.”  

My specialty is crafting customized nutrition and lifestyle programs that will help you break free from food drama for good while looking and feeling incredible along the way. 


Money and time well spent! I lost 25
pounds and ran my first 5k!
–Phoebe, HR Manager

I lot 30 pounds WHILE starting a business. Plus I no longer have the tape recorder constantly going in my head around food – I din’t even know that was possible!

-Becky, Entrepreneur

I’ve never felt so clear-headed and happy!

-Sarah, Artist