When Manifesting Doesn’t Go As Planned

I want to share with you a little story.

When I moved to Kauai I had a dream of owning a gold Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck. I looked on Craigslist daily.

I found one right off the bat and thought for sure I had found “the one.” The people selling it even had statues of Ganesha in their home and amazing energy – so of course I thought, “This is Spirit telling me this is the one.”

Then I got it looked at by my mechanic. It was a lemon. Full of rust and issues just a few months down the line. I was heartbroken. What did it all mean? It worked out so easily, this HAD to have been my truck.

But I passed. I looked and looked and nothing else came. I held the vision of my gold truck and did my due diligence checking out cars. I almost bought one and it broke down in the driveway right before I handed over my money. Whyyyyy I thought? What was the universe trying to tell me?

Here’s the deal: sometimes manifesting doesn’t go as expected.

So, I held the faith.

Coming down to the wire I said to Spirit, “Ok, I know I am meant for a gold pickup truck, I see it, I feel it, I’m ready. Please hear that I need one now… I am going to fly to Maui to pick up this black one, BUT if you show me my gold pickup truck by tomorrow I will gladly get that one instead.”

The next morning I looked on Craigslist and right there front and center was my perfect gold pick-up – with a cab too! I cancelled the other purchase and called up the name on the ad. I was afraid it was going to be complicated, but said a prayer it would be easy. I got there and it ended up being a guy I had met before – the whole thing went seamlessly. And now I have my baby.

Here’s what you need to know about manifesting –

1. You need to hold the faith

Even when it doesn’t look good. Hold the faith.

2. The universe responds to clarity.

I needed to keep the vision in my mind for weeks for it to happen.

3. The universe responds to your ENERGY as well as your words.

I was honestly a little frantic and making it all pretty complicated so the universe brought more of that in. When I let go and really leaned into receiving, it showed up instantly.

Manifesting is an art and a science.

It’s something I’ve studied for the last 15 years and have made a habit – that’s why I have the life and success I’ve had. It’s not complicated. It’s a step by step process and it’s worked for me over and over in my life.

Yet I see too many spiritual, heart-centered women struggle to manifest what they want in their lives. But here’s the bottom line: you CAN manifest the life you desire. When you have the right steps, in the right order, you can make magic happen in your life.

This is why I am so passionate about getting these tools into the hands of more awakened women.

You may have heard about my upcoming live, in person event in Burlington, VT MANIFEST: 5 steps to creating the income and impact you desire. If you can make it in person – BE THERE. It’s going to be epic.

If you can’t make it – I have a special treat for you! I have decided to host a special virtual deep dive online October 24th 4pm PST / 7pm EST (2 hours). I’ll be sharing more info in the coming weeks.

You will not want to miss this one.

There will be no replay – it will only be free once so mark your calendar and keep an eye out for more details.

Can’t wait to make some magic together!


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