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Visioning: A Powerful Game Changer for the New Year

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I’ll help you cut through the noise of internet marketing and show you what it really takes to create a highly profitable business aligned with your soul purpose, unique gifts, and expertise.

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Today we are talking about my favorite topic of all time – Visioning. 

I first learned about this practice about 10 years ago when I was working as a marketing manager for a natural foods store. The management team was researching a company called Zingerman’s out in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

This small but mighty business was seeing record profits and buy-in from their employees and customers – like no one had ever seen before!

And it turns out Ari Weinzweig, the Co-Founder, was using this exercise called Visioning to imagine the success of the business AND to bring his employees on board. 

Having a background in yogic philosophy, meditation, and psychology, something really clicked for me – it was like, WHOA… this is like manifestation, but for BUSINESS.

I was instantly obsessed. 

Over the past decade, I’ve distilled this process into a powerful practice that aligns both business strategy + energetics to create rapid manifestation in your business and life.

Clients who use this practice say that it is nothing short of a GAME CHANGER.

Women have used this practice I am going to share with you to:

  • Get their biggest sale to date while IN the workshop! (The energetic practices I’ll teach you work QUICKLY!) 
  • Manifest their dream home
  • Cultivate the courage to leave their 9-5 to do healing work in the world (and made TWICE as much doing it!) 
  • Hit six figures in their second year of business
  • Call in an aligned partnership and the support they deeply desired
  • Launch their own business
  • Channeled an entire program/offering right after the workshop after being stuck for MONTHS

The breakthroughs and miracles that happen after doing this work are far beyond chance.

SO before we dive deep into HOW to vision for your business – let’s get clear on WHY this will work for you…

  • It creates clarity, and clarity is the first step in transformation. 

You can’t create what you want if you don’t KNOW what you want. So, we use this process to get very clear on the exact outcome you desire. 

  • Next, we rewire your brain to make it happen – quickly!

 When you vision, you are literally priming your brain and creating new neural pathways that make it easier and much more likely for the outcome you want to happen. This is why Olympic athletes visualize their routines and performances – because when your brain goes through a mental rehearsal, it actually creates a powerful change on a physical level. Researchers have even found that visualizing weight-lifting exercises increased the study participants’ muscle mass – it’s WILD!

  • You become an energetic match for what you desire. 

From a metaphysical standpoint, we know that like attracts like. When we become an energetic match for the relationship we crave, the income we desire, or the body we want – it happens! Visioning projects you into the future where you already have the thing you want – whether that’s making six figures, becoming a mom, or moving into your dream house. You load up all the details and feel it and know it’s yours – so in a way; you BECOME the woman who already has what you want NOW – you act like her, think like her, make decisions like HER – as you do, your reality shifts into alignment with that new energy. You naturally attract what you want; it almost wouldn’t make sense NOT to. 

  • You remove unconscious blocks with ease.

Turns out you don’t need years of therapy to dig into WHY you are doing the things you don’t want to be doing – you simply just ACT AS IF you are already where you want to be. As you focus on these aligned actions, the old patterns just start to fall away. 

Next, I’m going to lead you through a short but powerful exercise to help you align with your “future you” in the New Year – the “you” that has already reached your goals, did the things, kicked the ass, and made it happen. You are going to LOVE this. 

I go WAY further into how to create a vision for your business and life for the New Year, my upcoming FREE workshop happening January 10th at 12:00 pm EST. You can sign up at

But for now, I want to give you a little taste. 

[listen to the podcast for the guided meditation] 

★ Step 1: What do you want?

★ Step 2: Why do you want it?

★ Step 3: Visualize it like it has already happened.

★ Step 4: Notice any limiting beliefs or what would need to shift for this to become inevitable for you.

★ Step 5: Surrender to your higher knowing.

★ Step 6: Take aligned action! 

What is coming through for you after doing this short visualizing exercise?

Would love to hear from you! What are you noticing? 

And if you are READY to make those desires you’ve been feeling for a while a reality in the new year, join me for a special visioning workshop where we will take all this deeper: Align your biz Strategy and energy for more abundance in the new year – this is a powerful deep dive workshop that is 100% FREE just for being part of this community. Go to to sign up!

I’ll see you there!

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I’ll help you cut through the noise of internet marketing and show you what it really takes to create a highly profitable business aligned with your soul purpose, unique gifts, talents, and expertise. I’m all about that woo-woo life but live for solid biz + marketing strategies that allow you to make more money in less time so that you can free up your time and energy to create a meaningful LIFE. 

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