This one sentence helped my client more than YEARS of therapy… And it will work for you too!

Have you ever had the feeling that you are meant for more?

Yet for some reason you stay stuck in outdated habits and patterns that keep you small or acting in ways that no longer serve you?

(I can hear your head nod from over here ;))

The truth is, we have all been there.

It might look like…

  • eating the things you know don’t work for your body or health goals… yet you keep doing it anyways (definitely raising my hand here)
  • holding back from putting yourself out there more in dating or business because you are telling yourself stories of not being good enough, healed enough, or ready “yet”
  • saying we are going to practice yoga more or attend more live classes but then resorting to scaling Instagram on the couch
  • avoiding emails to the point we are embarrassed to respond because we feel stuck, paralyzed or somehow unable to do the damn thing we know will bring in the next clients or cash

Today I am sharing with you a simple tool that will help you start to untangle this past patterning and FINALLY start to see the change you have been wanting… perhaps for YEARS.

In fact, one of my one-on-one clients told me this past week that practicing this one little shift helped her more than YEARS of therapy.

CLICK BELOW to find out what it is!



Let me know how it goes!

Most of my clients report that when they practice this regularly, things change right away.

It is that powerful. It is that potent!

Wield it wisely and let me know how it goes for you 🙂

I’ll talk to you next week!

With love,

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  • I would like to change my eating habits and getting to know myself better and having more confidence in myself

    • LOVE it Nicole! Next, think about the specific habits+thought patterns that are not aligned with this goal of eating well and embodying confidence. Ex. Eating past 9pm and telling yourself you aren’t ______ enough, etc. THEN, when you notice you are doing the action that takes you out of alignment, practice the mantra: I dont do that/think like that anymore and choose the new action or belief instead! Let me know how it goes! xo Krissy