The EXACT roadmap I used to go from struggling to six-figures

Today I want to share with you the exact roadmap that I used from struggling hard earning $25,000 a year while working 14-hour days…

…to six figures working normal hours, taking vacation working from anywhere in the world.

So often as we are starting out or even if we have been in business for a while… we can start thinking things like:

Why are other people able to scale their business so quickly or see success?

What am I missing?

So if you are looking to build your business, I want to illuminate what worked for me so you can shortcut your path.





Be sure to take notes on this one, because following these steps IN THE RIGHT ORDER is crucial for your success!

STEP 1: Clarify your WHY and your MISSION.
Why are you going to get out of bed in the morning?
Why does this matter?
Why are you not going to go back to that 9 to 5 job?
Why are you so committed to making this work?

STEP 2: Get clear on your ideal client
Do I know who I LOVE working with and who gets the most out of my unique skill set/products?
Am I working with aligned clients who are paying me top-dollar for my services?

STEP 3: Create offers that solve problems
Do I have 1-2 high-value products or services that deliver exceptional results for my clients?

STEP 4: Align your energy
Am I in integrity in my life and business?
Am I consciously cultivating the habits, routines, and spiritual practices that allow me to serve at a higher capacity?

STEP 5: Systems that scale
Do I have a system for scheduling, taking payments, sharing on social media etc.?

STEP 6: Marketing
Am I clearly and CONSISTENTLY communicating what I have to offer to the people that need it?

STEP 7: Enrollments
Do I know how to powerfully bring in clients on demand into my business?

STEP 8: Clarity and Confidence
Clarity comes through action. Confidence comes through action. You have to get started, and show up day after day and serve the people and become masterful at what you do.


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