Step-By-Step Guide for Creating a New Year’s Vision


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I am so excited to share this FREE New Year’s Visioning Guide with you!

Over the years I’ve found that visioning is FAR more productive than setting resolutions.

Resolutions by nature feel a little redundant, overwhelming, and are often ineffective. (If you’ve ever found yourself making the same resolution to lose weight year after year, without any real results to show for it then you know what I mean).

In contrast, a vision is more inspiring, creative, and intuitive. Most importantly it conditions your brain set the conditions for an actual breakthrough or meaningful change rather than just hoping for one (there’s lots of science-y stuff on that here).

A resolution can feel daunting, but with a vision it’s a done deal.

A vision describes what you see, taste, touch, and feel once you’ve achieved your goals. It is a present tense description of what it looks like and feels like to have already achieved the success you imagine.

Decisions made with the mind are just thoughts, they can be forgotten. Decisions made with feeling don’t fade away.

Creating a vision also allows you to tap into the deeper motivation behind your goals which is proven to inspire more consistent action. And if you know me, you know my mantra: consistent action = consistent results.

Think about it for a minute…

The individuals who have been able to inspire the greatest change in the world didn’t talk about what they wanted or wished for, they powerfully described their vision, and action followed as a natural result.

Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King. These leaders didn’t say “we’re going to try to be better this year!” they said I have a vision – a dream – we are going somewhere together and I feel it and see it so clearly that there is no doubt in my mind it will come to life.

I first came across the power of visioning when I was managing the marketing and public relations for a multimillion-dollar natural foods store in Vermont. We needed to be able to share a message that inspired both our employees and out 8,000+ shareholders.

A mission statement can only take you so far. A vision moves people. It helps you know when you’re hitting the mark and creates a clear vision of greatness, of what success looks like.

Most people fail to realize that having a vision for your personal life can be just as important and have just as big of an impact as it does in your business.

Here’s an example of the power of a vision. Notice how it feels when you say each of these statements out loud to yourself:

Statement #1:

I am finally going to get in shape this year! Enough is enough! I’m going to stop eating late at night, cut out sugar for good, and go to the gym every day so I can lose this extra 20 pounds.

Statement #2:

I’m sitting in front of a beautiful dinner on Christmas Eve and I’m amazed by all that has transpired this year. I feel strong, my body is toned, I feel a deep sense of pride that I’ve been able to take such incredible care of myself this year. I’ve learned to cook 10 new recipes that taste amazing and haven’t felt guilty after eating in months! I got the support of family and friends and invested in a gym membership and found 3 classes I LOVE and go to weekly. Most importantly, I know deep down that my body reflects who I want to be in the world. I feel hopeful, optimistic, and fulfilled knowing what it takes to get healthy and be consistent and WHY losing weight was so hard for me in the past. I feel grounded, feel free around food and beautiful in my own skin. I finally feel at peace. I’ve lost 20 pounds, but ironically I don’t seem to care as much as I thought I would. The weight loss is just a bonus. Living my life like I know I am capable of has been the ultimate goal, and greatest accomplishment of my life.

See how one comes from the head and the other the heart? Both are specific but you can feel the energy of the second one shifting forward in a new way. This is KEY!

Here’s the trick:

We can’t use the same thinking that got us INTO a situation to get ourselves OUT. We need to think differently. We need to BE different to experience new results. Visioning allows you to do just that by accessing a NEW way of thinking and BEING in the world.

In this guide you’ll get all the tools you need to create your own powerful vision for the New Year so that this year can be your most productive, healthy, and transformative year yet!

Enjoy the process, have some fun, and us know in the comments how it goes!

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  • Reminder everyone: visioning is something you can do year after year, and even month by month, or project by project. You can even do a mini-vision before a big presentation, event, or anything you want to show up for as your best self. xoxo , Krissy