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Oprah, My Divorce, and Big Changes in 2018

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Here’s what Oprah, my divorce, and the election taught me about being a powerful woman.

If you’re short on time skip ahead to the “homework.” I have a special surprise waiting there for you! 


Over this coming year, I wanted to let you know you’re going to see some big changes going on at  

One of which is a switch to a new name, Krissy Leonard. 

It’s not new for me, but new for many of you.  

It’s my maiden name, and since getting divorced almost a year ago it’s time I come back home to it.  

Leonard also means “lion-hearted.” 

This past year, as I know many of you can relate to, was one of the most challenging of my life.  

My marriage and partnership of 11 years ended in a very sudden and shocking way (I’ll share more on this with you later).  

But in short, every plan I had ever made (house, family, kids, life, ALL of it) was gone. 

Everything I knew to be certain, wasn’t.  

Then, a couple days later… the election results came in.  

Again, I fell to my knees.  

Politics aside, my previous beliefs of “things are going to be ok, the goodness and Goddess will prevail, it is safe for women to be powerful, I can DO this” got knocked to the ground.  

I got knocked to the ground. Again. 

And boy did it hurt.  

But here’s the thing about getting knocked down Sister… it teaches you how to get the f*ck back up. 

Laying face down crying your eyes out you hear yourself saying “I can’t possibly do this, I don’t even want to get back up, just leave me here”… 

But then something miraculous happens… 

the strength does come… 

or when needed, a sister takes your hand and says “I got you… let’s do this together.”  


And here’s the thing about getting up… 

The more you do it, the STRONGER you get.  

The easier it becomes.  

And if you’re in a place like that right now, please know that a day WILL come where you don’t get knocked as much anymore, you may stumble but you.remain.standing. 

And guess what? 

All that strength you gained from getting up is STILL THERE.  

THEN, my Dear, you have a real opportunity on your hands… 

You say to yourself… 

“Wait I’m not knocked down! (He did that thing but I’m ok! I want to eat allll the sugar but I’m not going to! My boss said that thing but I don’t feel like sh*t about myself!)… I’m STILL STANDING!”  

…and you look around and see all your sisters who are still struggling, who want to get up they just aren’t sure how, afraid to, or just gaining the strength to try. 

THIS is when the second miracle comes. 

You reach out YOUR hand.  

And you say… “Sister, I got you.” 

Because at that point, my sweet Warrior, your strength is not your own, it’s been given by so many gracious hands and moments that brought you to your knees.  

You now have something more precious than gold… 

Strength that can be SHARED. 

So I share all this with you today with an open yet vulnerable heart (and honestly I’ve wanted to delete this post 5 different times!). 

But I want you to see me and know me because when we are being REAL we get a chance.  

A chance to truly SEE and support each other. 

Which brings me to watching Oprah and bawling my eyes out… 

Seriously though, did you see Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech? (If you haven’t watched it, I’ll include the link below…). 

Listening to her words I realized we truly can’t wait until we have everything figured out or perfect to live and tell our TRUTH.  


We can’t wait until we’re skinner or fitter or blonder or brighter or more healed or until we have a better kitchen or house or the perfect partner or more money to make a difference… to do what we know we are capable of…to do that thing in our heart we feel called (and let’s face it…terrified) to do. 

But hear this my beautiful one: 

It needs to begin now. It needs to begin with YOU. 


I want you to feel like you’re living the life you’re truly capable of.  

That your actions match your ambition, that your inside matches your outside.  

So when you look back at this time in history you know you DID YOUR PART.  

When you look at your body you F*CKING LOVE HER with everything you got. 

And when you come to your final days here on this precious earth, you know you didn’t just spend your life trying to “get thinner” or “pay the bills” but you took control of your life, your choices, your habits, your dreams…  

You lived freely, fearlessly, beautifully and in the end you gave back more than you received: to those you loved, to women everywhere, to the planet herself, to whatever matters most. 


So here’s your homework if you’re ready to LIVE POWERFULLY in this year: 

STEP 1: If you haven’t watched Oprah’s speech from the Golden Globes do it (but first read STEP 2!!!) 

STEP 2: Talk to me. I want to support you in making BIG changes this year, to live more fully expressed, to contribute more, to walk the talk and look, feel, and DO what you are truly capable of.  

So I’m offering you a gift: a FREE 30 minute no-strings attached coaching session with me to help you step into your greatness this year. 

Spots are limited so TAKE ACTION NOW.  

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Remember, no great woman ever acted alone. Creating epic change isn’t a DIY kinda deal.  

You need to acquire the perspective and insight that will help you see your blind spots and breakthrough the hidden barriers standing between you and what you want.  

(Whether it’s losing the weight, leaving the job, or doing the damn thing (you know what it is)…) 

This is exactly what high-level coaching will help you do. This is what I’m offering you.  

>>>Sign up for your free session here<<< 

Here’s to living POWERFULLY in 2018! 

With allll the love, 

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