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My Pregnancy Journey

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At the time of this recording, I am about to enter my 39th week of pregnancy, meaning this little girl could arrive at any time! CRAZY!

Today I want to share with you a bit about My Pregnancy Journey.

I felt called to share this because I know so many people who are struggling right now whether with fertility, or finding the right relationship, or thinking that they might *never* have the thing they want most.

Often we don’t see the long road it took for people to get where they are today, whether in business or in life.

And it’s often hard to hold the faith when it feels like all the odds are stacked against us.

So I want to share exactly what I did on the practical and energetic levels to create this miracle in my own life.

So a little backstory…

When I was 16, they diagnosed me with PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome… a hormonal condition that has a bunch of not so great side effects, one of them being issues with conceiving and fertility. 

Every time I would go to the Dr or read books on PCOS, they basically told me I would have to be on birth control for life and when I did stop, I would have issues getting pregnant. 

Which is a lot to hear for a couple of decades of your life, especially if the one thing you want more than anything is to be a mother. 

So I always had this belief that it would be hard for me.

Fast forward to my 30s. I’m married to a man I had been with for 11 years, and married for 5. We were trying for about a year to have a baby, but it wasn’t working. 

At the time I was the breadwinner of the family, I was stressed out of my mind trying to work a 9-5 and grow my little fledgling business, and things were honestly not great in our relationship.

Eventually, I found out he was doing some pretty shady things and we decided to get a divorce.

At this point I’m shattered, not only because of this relationship ending but because my doctor had told me to finish having kids by 32 if I was going to have a chance. 

But here I was, 37 years old. Single. Starting over. Again.

But still, I held the faith. 

I prayed I would meet a man (the father of my children), someone who would make me feel safe and loved, and that it would all happen quickly and better than I could have ever expected.

I admit that even as a person who manifests for a living; it felt like a tall order. 

So I got to work using the manifestation principles I am going to share with you in a minute… and within a couple months, I met Matt, my now husband.

We fell in love quickly, easily, in the most beautiful and aligned way possible. 

We knew we wanted to have a baby together and because of what we saw friends and family go through; we knew at our age the process might take a few years.

So we decided to try… ONCE.

And boom. 

I could not believe it! 

I firmly believe that when we get clear on what we want, even when the odds are stacked against us, sometimes a miracle can happen.

That is what this baby is for me. 

Looking back, there were a few key things that I did that I really believe shifted the energy around me calling in this pregnancy and this partnership.

Now, of course, this is just what worked for me and in no way does this need to be YOUR way, it is just A way. 

I want to acknowledge that sometimes fertility is a lot more complicated than shifting energy and if you are struggling; it does not mean you are doing anything wrong. 

I also know that when I practice these tools, miracles continuously happen in my life and in the lives of my clients, so I want to share these with you, hoping they provide some insight and hopefully a breakthrough for you too.

#1: I Did Everything I could To Heal My Hormones Naturally

  • I tried different cleanses, including juice cleanses, Kitchari + Ayurvedic Cleanses, The Master Cleanse, and clean eating chest and leg workout practices
  • I re-evaluated my relationship with alcohol
  • I stopped eating refined sugar and carbs
  • I reduced dairy
  • I started to move my body every day in a way that felt good
  • I overcame burnout, regulated by hypothalamus, and learned how to rest
  • I embraced my feminine cycles and creativity and pleasure
  • I ate organic and got toxins out of my life
  • I spent time in nature and in the ocean
  • I started to undo the emotional traumas and blocks I had
  • I didn’t use hormonal birth control, instead used Natural Cycles

#2: I Started Claiming That I wanted to Be a Mother

  • I wanted to be a mother so badly that I was afraid to claim it in case it didn’t come true
  • In all of my visions, I challenged myself to include it
  • I claimed it out loud at a retreat
  • In yoga Nidra practice I set being pregnant as my sankalpa 
  • I spoke it to my friends, family, and guys I dated
  • I stopped pretending like I didn’t care

#3: I Imagined my Future Self Who Was Already a Mother + In The Relationship I wanted 

  • I pictured myself as a woman who already had a baby and the relationship I wanted
  • She was WAY more chill, relaxed, laid back and in her feminine
  • I realized I was going to need to really move out of my masculine controlling side and into my pleasure and feminine essence
  • I slowed WAY down, started working out more and having a lot more FUN

#4: I Became Aware of The Blocks To It Feeling Inevitable And Worked To Remove Them

  • I thought I needed to work hard to become a mother, but really I needed to STOP working so hard
  • I did every single action step in the “Calling in The One” book by Katherine Woodward Thomas
  •  I allowed space for someone amazing to enter my life

#5: I Started Acting “As If”

  • I started matching the energy of what I wanted
  • I relaxed, enjoyed life, took baths, self-pleasured, started roller skating and working out more
  • I would puff out my belly in the mirror and imagine bing pregnant – exactly what it feels like when I look in the mirror today
  • I started taking prenatals and adding a pregnancy protein powder to my smoothie
  • I organized my business to take a maternity leave
  • I shared with guys I dated what I wanted, and when I met Matt, we knew right away
  • When we tried the once I knew I was ovulating, my body was healthy and ready for a baby, my energy was receptive and clear, my stress at an all-time low, and I prayed to be open to welcoming my child in. 

I find that these steps work for bringing in anything you want into your life: getting clear on what you want and claiming it, tapping into the energy of YOU that already has it, noticing the blocks or barriers and actively removing them, and then taking aligned action as if it was already a done deal.

You can learn more about how to apply this methodology to calling in the clients, relationship, body or even a baby if you want in my MANIFEST course at:

For those of you who are in the thick of it right now… navigating starting a business or wanting desperately to leave your 9-5, or struggling with fertility or wondering if you’ll ever get to have that thing you want more than anything…

Keep the faith.

Keep aligning your thoughts and actions with what you truly desire. 

Take massive, imperfect action.

Hold the faith.

See it through.

You never know what’s waiting for you on the other side of the struggle. 

Until you get there, I am here for you.

With love,






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  1. Brandy says:

    Love this post, Beauty! I am so happy for you! And, I can attest to using a very similar practice for manifesting BIG love in my own life… it works & it’s the most incredible feeling to look back and go “woah, I called this into my life!”

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