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How to hire your first (or next) employee

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I’ll help you cut through the noise of internet marketing and show you what it really takes to create a highly profitable business aligned with your soul purpose, unique gifts, and expertise.

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I heard that going from zero employees to one is just as difficult as going from 1 to 20. 

I find this to be true. 

I had so much resistance around hiring somebody in my business.

  • Would I have enough money to pay them? 
  • What if they think I’m a fraud once they see how messy my business is behind the scenes?
  • What if I don’t know what to say, or what to have them do? 
  • What if I don’t know where all my passwords are?
  • What if I’m not established enough?
  • Who do I think I am to have an assistant or a team? I’m just getting started…

But I can tell you that the year I hired my first employee was the same year that my business TRIPLED.

In our hustle culture, it sounds really convincing when the ego tells us that we can “do it all ourselves.” 

That we are the only ones who can do our business and the way that we do it is that we’re the best, most qualified or the only ones who can ensure our success. 

But the truth is, it’s when you are able to grow your business beyond yourself, when you’re held accountable to someone or to something bigger than how you’re feeling that day. When you push yourself to organize yourself enough to teach somebody how it’s done. You’re able to expand your capacity tenfold. 

That first hire is so tricky because it requires the most surrender, the most trust, the biggest leap of faith. 

But once you see how awesome it is to have somebody help you… to support you… to reflect… to champion your work in the world in a way that you could never do on your own… you’ll want to hire as many people as humanly possible

Here are 7 steps to making your first (or next) hire:

  1. Write everything you do in your business – daily, weekly and monthly tasks 
  2. Put a star next to anything you don’t ABSOLUTELY HAVE to do 
  3. Create a new list with all these items that can be delegated 
  4. Create a job description from this list (and bonus: vision your person coming your way) 
  5. Decide when to hire and the process (when will you interview, when do you want them to start?) 
  6. Post the Job Description on your website, social platforms, to a hiring site, etc. (places to find people: your audience, Facebook groups, referrals, Fiverr, Upwork) ask them to do a thing (helps weed out the peeps who don’t read things through)
    Download example job descriptions:

  7. Interview, get the vibe, ask the person to start, pick a date


  1. Schedule 1-2 “training days” to share your expectations, priority tasks, established systems, and your mission and vision for your business and how they fit in. Let them know how excited and grateful you are to have them there! 
  2. Hire a contract worker, not a W2 employee, to start
  3. Start with a small project and go from there
  4. Have a 3 month trial 
  5. Let them know there is more that will be needed outside the job description
  6. It’s easier to teach a task than a mindset

So I want to ask you this. If you’ve been thinking about hiring somebody in your business, what’s held you back? Send me a DM or comment below.

When you say this out loud. Does it feel true? Does it feel ultimately true?

Ask yourself what might be even more true than this? 

For example, if you say I could never afford to hire somebody, I’m struggling as it is. Is that the ultimate truth? Would it be more true to say that you can’t afford not to get support? Otherwise you’ll burn out, give up or cap your income. What might be more true? 

What about.. I get to be supported?

The less I do in my business, the more it grows… the more I get to have.

I can work less and save more.

I can trust people.

Notice what comes up for you, and take your next bold step toward bringing in your next person!

P.S. Do you want to set up your profitable business foundation to bring in consistent $5-10K months? I’ve put together a free in-depth training for you! You can register HERE.

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I’ll help you cut through the noise of internet marketing and show you what it really takes to create a highly profitable business aligned with your soul purpose, unique gifts, talents, and expertise. I’m all about that woo-woo life but live for solid biz + marketing strategies that allow you to make more money in less time so that you can free up your time and energy to create a meaningful LIFE. 

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