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How to eat healthy around friends and family who love bread, cheese, and beer

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Have you ever set an intention to go to a family event or dinner with friends and eat only the healthy stuff…

then you find yourself reaching for the bread basket or wine…

…and before you know it all your good intentions are out the window, you’re feeling like crap and wondering why you did the thing you said you wouldn’t do… again?

If this sounds familiar, know you’re not alone, and the good news is, there is a way out.

I recently got back from an epic sailing vacation in the Caribbean with my fam and I noticed this came up for me too (for real, it happens to EVERYONE – especially busy, ambitious, heart-centered women – it’s a thing).

Here’s the deal…my family LOVES food and it’s always a big part of how we celebrate and connect when we’re together… it’s pretty much the main event.

I am sure you can relate, right?

With my BF, brother and sister in law at this epic French Restaurant on St. Maarten (and yes that is wine AND mushroom risotto ;))

In the past I’d make all these rules for myself before going on a family trip: “DON’T drink ONLY club soda,” “no sugar,” “no bread,” “don’t’ over eat,” exercise every day.”

I’d be all gung ho but inevitably someone would pass me a beer or we’d be out at an amazing restaurant where I’d be eyeing the pasta dish and I would say “f*ck it” and go nuts eating EVERYTHING I said I wouldn’t.

I see this with my clients too – especially my ambitious biz boss ladies who work so hard that often food feels like a form of self-care.

It’s SO natural and normal to set intentions around food and then totally blow them off.

Even if you know what you “should” be doing.

But why do we keep doing it?

This is EXACTLY what I cover in Light, Fit and Free – my 8 week nutrition and lifestyle program designed to help you get in incredible shape (mentally and physically) while also enjoying food out, a good glass of wine, and bonding with the people you love.

It’s all about understanding the root causes of why you struggle around food in the first place and redesigning your relationship with food so that you get to have it ALL.

If you:

  • Want to get off the dieting/binging roller coaster
  • Sense you’d be much more present with your partner or family if you felt more comfortable in your body
  • Want to feel more energized and productive in your work
  • Know that you eat emotionally when you’re stressed because you’re starting your business or bored at work
  • Desire creating a sustainable set of healthy habits and are over fads and restrictive cleanses have become impractical
  • Wish you could just finally do all the things you know you “should” be doing

I really hope you’ll join us in this round of Light, Fit and Free starting in just a few weeks!

But for now, here are FIVE practices that you can do daily(and that work like magic around friends and family) that will help you start creating a relationship with food that feels sustainable, pleasurable, AND helps you have a body you LOVE.


FOCUS ON YOUR BREATH: taking 5 deep breaths before a meal helps to stoke your agni (digestive fire) and digest and assimilate food more efficiently so that you don’t feel bloated, heavy, or needing to unbutton your pants under the dinner table. It also helps you feel more present which is key for reducing cravings and soaking in more pleasure from your environment and friends so that you are able to rely less on food as the main event.

MOVE YOUR BODY EVERY DAY: in Light, Fit and Free we don’t exercise to burn calories, we move our body to create a deeper connection with her. Daily movement helps you attune to your body, your intuition, your hunger and fullness cues, helps shed excess weight, tones your muscles and creates feel-good chemicals in your brain that increase productivity and decrease cravings for sugar and carbs. Even a 10-20 minute walk does the trick. When you are stumped with something in your business  get up and walk outside instead of heading to the fridge. When on vacation bring your running shoes and explore the city or land around you. Such an amazing way to take in a new place and get all the benefits of movement while you’re at it!

CROWD OUT WITH HIGH-VIBE FOODS: When on vacation or at a party don’t try to be perfect. That’s no fun. Instead focus on crowding out. Instead of 5 drinks crowd out the alcohol with a glass of water or club soda between drinks. If you want the mac and cheese at the family dinner, fill ½ your plate in veggies and eat those TOO. Strive for a balance of dense foods and high-vibe foods, not perfection.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER: duh. We know this. But SO easy to forget. Hydrating in the morning with 2 full pints of room temperature water and drinking between meals throughout the day will keep you full and energized (and make your skin look amazing). Often dehydration masquerades as hunger. Keeping hydrated wards of mindless snacking and helps you focus more on your work, your people, or adventure you’re on.

FORGIVE YOURSELF: here’s the deal – even when you do the thing you said you wouldn’t do – forgive yourself. Talk softly to yourself. Avoid judgment as much as possible. Tell your body you love her and you’re sorry and you’ll try again. Drink some water. Bring more veggies into your next meal. Breathe. Go for a little walk and rest easy in knowing you’re human and it’s not going to be perfect… but that you are heading in the right direction. 

I’d love to hear form you…

…which of these most speak to you? Which one can you practice implementing this week to start feeling more freedom in your body and relationship with food?

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  1. Alison says:

    Love all of this! It’s just what I needed to read!!!
    Thanks Sweet One

    • Krissy Leonard says:

      Hi Alison! Thanks so much for kind response. So glad this is helpful for you. Would love to hear how it goes if you try out one of the 5 steps! xo Krissy

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