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I’m burnt out, but I have to keep going. What do I do?

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A friend of mine, who’s a business owner and a mom, recently shared that she’s feeling burnt out but still has to keep going. 

It’s a common challenge we face when we’re exhausted but still have to put in effort for our business or family. 

How do you balance the need to bring in income or focus on important tasks while avoiding burnout? 

It’s a tricky topic that not many people talk about. 

How do you continue to provide for your family and bring in money while avoiding burnout and taking care of yourself?

I have a few ideas to share.

I went through a period of burnout a few years ago, right before COVID. 

I was going through a breakup, moving frequently between Hawaii and Vermont every month, and flying a lot. 

I was also working in a high-pressure environment and was just exhausted. 

Although my nervous system was telling me to STOP working, I also needed to continue to bring in income. 

So much in the online coaching space is about “just relax into your feminine” or “honor rest, your cycle, your mood…etc,” but what do you do when you don’t have that option?

In this episode, we’ll dive deep into the challenges of feeling exhausted, burnout, or “not in your vibes,” AND you’ll learn practical strategies to take care of your energy while still maintaining the responsibilities of your business and life. 

Here are a few takeaways I covered in today’s episode:

Allow yourself to feel and validate your emotions: 

Remember, it’s okay to feel exhausted and overwhelmed when faced with multiple demands.

Do Less, But Better:

When feeling burnt out, it’s essential to create some mental whitespace to regain focus and energy. Start by writing down everything that’s on your mind, from major life events to everyday tasks. Identifying the issues draining your energy will allow you to prioritize and focus on the most pressing matters. By doing less, BETTER, you can regain your focus and energy, even when you’re feeling burnt out. 

Postpone Non-Essential Tasks:

Instead of completely removing tasks from your list, consider postponing some of them. Ask yourself if everything needs to be done this week. By simply shifting your perspective, you can feel more calm and focused. Prioritize tasks that will generate income for your business, such as marketing activities that attract new clients or nurture existing ones.

Focus on Simple, Clear Action Steps:

Sometimes, the energy around a task can be more draining than the task itself. To avoid this, concentrate on the action steps that will bring in clients, such as reaching out to five people, resigning one client, or making a post on Instagram. Avoid being distracted by other concerns, like paying bills or worrying about making money, and focus only on the task at hand that will ultimately get you to your goal. 

Slow Down Without Stopping:

When you feel overwhelmed, remember that small actions can make a big difference. Taking a 30-minute break, drinking water, or getting more sleep can be just as effective as taking a week-long vacation. Throughout the day, take small breaks to slow down but not stop working. These intentional breaks will make a significant difference in your productivity and overall well-being.

Practice “Resting in the Doing”:

It’s okay to practice “resting in the doing” when you’re burnt out and still need to bring in income. Don’t beat yourself up for not being 100%, and simply do what needs to be done without judgment. Let yourself off the hook and remember that growth is not always linear, and it’s okay to slow down and take breaks.

Embrace “Mini-Vacations” and Yoga Nidra:

Regulate your nervous system while working by taking “mini-vacations” throughout the day (breathe in for 4, hold, and breathe out for 6) and practicing yoga nidra (a total game-changer!). Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation meditation that allows you to enter a deep state of rest without falling asleep. You’ll feel like you had a full night of sleep in 10-20 min! 

By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you can reset your nervous system AND feel more energized as you navigate this challenging period of your business or life. 

Remember, you GOT this. 

And I got you

As always, I love hearing your insight and takeaways! Feel free to send me a message at info@krissyleonard.com or DM me at @xokrissyleonard.

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