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3 Common Money Blocks (and How to Move Past Them Quickly)

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Today let’s talk about one of my fav topics: MONEY BLOCKS…

Money blocks are the subconscious beliefs and conditioning that we have acquired over time, that when left unchecked, block the flow of money and financial ease in your business and life.

Here is how they show up:

-Should I really be charging this much for services? Who is going to pay me?

-I don’t want to exclude or alienate people who need me, so I end up discounting my rates or giving things away for free.

-Or (when looking at what other people are doing)… She has THAT much money/clients/clothes/vacations? Must be nice… she must be (fill in the blank ex. manipulative, conceited, money hungry, vain, superficial, etc.)

If any of these sound familiar or you just have an inner knowing that something is holding you back from really stepping into the abundance of clients and cash and financial stability you want then this is for you!

Here are the most common money blocks I see come up AND how to handle them quickly:


BLOCK #1: Judging people who have money

When we judge the people who have what we want, we subconsciously block ourselves from having the same. 

We are often taught that people who have money are bad or greedy or out of touch. 

We might judge people for buying a fancy new car or going on multiple vacations or charging premium rates for their services or courses. 

We think “Well, it must be nice for THEM.”

And when we do this, we create a separation between them and us. But the truth is, we are all connected. When we judge others for having the thing we want, it’s like saying to the Universe, “I don’t want money or else I will become selfish, vain, greedy, etc.”

Mantras to shift this quickly include: 

  • “Thank you for showing me what’s possible”
  • “If you can do it, I can do it too!”
  • “Money loves me. It’s easy for me to receive money, no matter what.”
  • ”There is enough for everybody”


BLOCK #2: We feel guilty asking for money or payment

Often, we are trained by our parents to see money as a limited resource – something that there is never enough of, something that we need to hold on to at all costs, keep close, and not let anyone take from us. 

But the truth is… there is an endless supply of money that wants to make its way toward you at all times. 

So when we think we are taking something from someone by charging them for services or that we are bad or selfish or they will get mad at us for charging, we will unintentionally block the flow of money not only for ourselves but for our clients too. 

Instead, try this: shift the thinking to “this person is investing in themselves THROUGH me. They are connecting to something bigger, their vision of possibility through this divine work, and my job is to show up and allow them to invest their time and energy into their dreams through my support.”

In this way, we are actually GIVING to our clients. We are giving them the opportunity to show up, to rise up, and claim the importance of their attention and energy toward a goal. 

Mantras to shift this quickly include: 

  • “Transformation takes transaction.”
  • “When people pay money, they pay attention.” 
  • “This person is investing in themselves THROUGH me, how dare I take that away from them/get in the way.”


BLOCK #3: We give our services away for free or discount them

Often connected to #1 and #2, we think if we charge for our services we are taking away something from people, asking them to give us something we dont believe we are worthy of, we don’t want to alienate people or have people feel like they can’t afford us and not get the services they need. 

This one is tricky because it can be SO convincing that it comes from a good place. 

As soul-centered women, we would probably do this work for free because we love it so much. 

But if you pay attention to the principle that paying money helps people pay attention, you will see that by reducing their investment, you are taking away their opportunity to invest in themselves and rise to the occasion. 

When I invested in my first coach, I thought I was going to throw up. 

But because the financial investment scared the sh*t out of me, I knew I needed to get to work right away to MAKE this investment work for me. Because of this, my business TRIPLED, and I made back the investment tenfold.

We think it’s generous to make it easy for people to invest, but when we lower our prices or give things away for free, what we are really saying energetically is that I don’t believe in your resourcefulness. How dare we make that assumption of our clients!

Instead, as Aligned Female Entrepreneurs, we share how we can help, we confidently share the investment price, and then PAUSE and give your client the opportunity to choose for themselves. 

It will surprise you how resourceful people can be. 

SIDE NOTE: this is not to say we don’t want to create a level playing field. We can do this good work through scholarships, pro bono work, donations, etc. But honestly, most women with this money block are struggling in their business. They tailor everything in their business out of a codependent strategy to save people, “help” everyone, or avoid their fear of judgment or perceived criticism, which is no way to start or run a business. 

Instead, speak to the highest level of resourcefulness in your client, assume they can do anything and make anything possible, challenge them to rise to the occasion and bring in people who are deeply committed to getting results. 

Then use all the extra income you have to do good work and equalize the playing field. You can’t do that kind of social justice work if you’re burnt out, broke, and exhausted. 

Mantras to shift this quickly include: 

  • “The more I value my work, the better results people get.”
  • ”This is an opportunity for my clients to create the life they want.”
  • ”No one wants a savior. My clients need me to hold them accountable to what they are TRULY capable of. “


Ok that’s it for today!

Now, I’d love to hear from YOU!

Drop a comment below and let me know which of these money blocks most hit home for you? Which manta or action step are you going to start using TODAY to shift your thinking and welcome in more clients and cash?

With love,

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