Kitchari Cleanse Webinar Bonus Resources

Kitchari Cleanse Resources


Here is a link to the webinar recording: How to do a Kitchari Cleanse: 5 days to a Lighter, Calmer, Clearer You. We cover what kitchari is, how to make it, how to do a 1-5 day cleanse and cover some FAQs.

BLog Post

Here is a recap of the basics of kitchari cleansing (including my fav recipe).

Shopping list

Here is a 5-day shopping list for you based on the above recipe. These items will have your cupboard stocked with the essentials even if you decide to vary the recipe a bit.

Having a hard time locating ingredients? Start here.

Ghee (Or make it yourself! Watch my quick 2-minute video to see how to do it)
Asafoetida (I personally get this from my local health food store, so I can’t speak to exactly which brand is best)
(*Split mung beans are also known as moong dal. If you absolutely can’t find the split ones, use whole mung beans. This link is for organic mung from Banyan, which is a great source. Though any “split mung” that come up on amazon would work if you’d like a cheaper option)

Other kitchari recipes and helpful links:

Ready-made kitchari kit from Banyan Botanicals
Alternate kitchari recipe from Kripalu (including alterations based on doshas)
Triphala (ayurvedic herb to aid in elimination and detoxification)
Here’s to you and your glorious transformation!