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I’ll help you cut through the noise of internet marketing and show you what it really takes to create a highly profitable business aligned with your soul purpose, unique gifts, and expertise.

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The Total Transformation: 28-Day Jumpstart Program


I offer customized one-on-one coaching through my signature “The Total Transformation: 28-Day Jumpstart Program” where I share with you my most transformative tools and give you easy to implement, personalized advice so that you can start to create a foundation of healthy habits that you can feel good about. You’ll also learn how to clear out the unwanted gunk and junk from both the body and the mind so that you feel lighter, fitter, and freer in your relationship with food and your body in just 28 days.

The Total Transformation: 28-Day Jumpstart Program

You’ve got big dreams for your life… but when you look in the mirror you don’t see that fun, fearless, slender woman who is ready to take on the world.

You want to make a change in how you eat and relate to food, but you aren’t really sure where to start.

You are ready to leave this entire obsession over food and weight behind so you can finally start living your life.

It’s time to have an amazing life and a body to match.

Because this is about so much more than food and weight. This is about your life! If you’re ready to finally end your obsession with food (without giving up chocolate) and see major changes in how you look and feel, I’m here to help.

I’ll share with you the exact tools I used to lose 50 pounds while still enjoying dinners out with good friends… and a good bottle of wine.

During Your 28-Day Jumpstart Program You’ll learn…

• the biggest mistake busy ladies make when it comes to eating that prevents you from reaching your ideal weight – this one shift can help you change the way your body stores fat at your very next meal.
• how to eat for your unique body without following a rigid diet plan, counting calories or weighing your food.
• the simple change you can make when preparing meals that will help you feel more full, and get more pleasure out of your food, while slimming down effortlessly.
• why saying “YES” instead of “NO” to the food you love is the key to reaching your ideal weight and keeping it off for good. (This is an entirely new way to think about food and dieting – you are going to love this).
• the  KEY factor that might be secretly keeping you from having the body you want (you won’t find this in many other diet books or programs out there, but it was essential to my own body transformation and my client’s as well).
• What your cravings say about you and how you can use this insight to supercharge your healthy lifestyle and transform your life.

You will also…

• Gain a crystal clear vision of your goals and what’s holding you back from reaching them (buh-bye self sabotage).
• Receive customized action plans that outlines simple steps that you can start taking right away to fuel your unique body and amazing life.
• Gain access to my exclusive tool that will help you save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bills while eating better and spending less time preparing amazing, healthy meals.
• Learn how to enjoy a beer out with friends, dinner out with family, or a favorite indulgence without guilt or the tendency to go completely off track.
• Have the personalized guidance, insights, and direction you need to finally start living your life in a body you love (no more doubt, no more confusion, no more struggle).



This is where our work begins. I’ll guide you through looking at your health, weight, and relationship with food. You’ll have an opportunity to notice where you’ve been tripped up in the past and get crystal clear on your goals. With this as our starting point, I’ll know exactly how to help you go from obsessive about food to obsessing about your amazing life.


Over the course of your program we will meet weekly via phone or Skype for a one-hour one-on-one coaching session where we’ll clarify your goals, uncover what is getting in the way of you meeting them, and design a specific action plan for you to take as soon as we finish our call. You’ll leave each session with a sense of confidence about exactly what to eat and how to focus your energy so you can start to see results right away.


You’ll also gain access to a special three-part video training series that will give you simple tools and mindset shifts that will help you conquer cravings, know what to put on your plate, and what to do first, second and third in order to start seeing changes right away.


We all love gifts, right? As one of my treasured clients you’ll also receive personalized gifts from me that’ll help you stay motivated and inspired during the course of your program. I’d love to tell you what they are, but of course, I can’t. It’s a surprise!


As a special bonus, I am also going to give you access to two additional tools and trainings that I previously only made available to my 6-month VIP coaching clients. These two simple tools will help you lay out EXACTLY what you need to do on a daily basis to keep your body active, your fridge stocked, and your schedule filled with all the things that really matter. You can feel free to complete these additional trainings before our call or when you need an extra boost later down the line.

Total Investment: $497

Sound perfect? If so, I’d be honored to work with you.


1. Purchase your 28-Day Jumpstart program here:

2. Once you make your payment you will see a confirmation screen that has a link back to krissyleonard.com *CLICK THIS LINK* and you will be directed to the Total Transformation: 28-Day Jumpstart “getting started” page that will guide you through your next steps.

3. Be sure to complete the “pre work” for your session as outlined on the getting started page. Then we will meet via phone or Skype for our first one-on-one session!




Hi, I'm Krissy.
Your BFF + New Creative Coach.

I’ll help you cut through the noise of internet marketing and show you what it really takes to create a highly profitable business aligned with your soul purpose, unique gifts, talents, and expertise. I’m all about that woo-woo life but live for solid biz + marketing strategies that allow you to make more money in less time so that you can free up your time and energy to create a meaningful LIFE. 

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When you create a business in alignment with Spirit all that is needed comes through you as an act of love and service for the world. You can truly create anything you want in this life. I’m here to show you how. 


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