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Experience Food Freedom

This for the woman who…

Is ready to break free from patterns with food that no longer serve her. 

Feels called to deepen her connection to Spirit, to her intuition, her body, and to nature Herself.

Desires a true BREAKTHROUGH in her relationship with food and her body.

Wants to feel sexy, sensual, magnetic and fully expressed…

…and who knows there is so much more waiting for her on the other side of the struggle. 

If only…

She could stop the self-sabotaging habits.

No longer “treating herself” with things that take her out of integrity.

No longer feeling the need to restrict or deprive herself (she eats what she wants AND gets what she wants). 

Food could no longer “be an issue”…

Does this sound like you? Listen in…

As women we all know the way we have been TAUGHT to relate to our bodies and to food: deprive, ignore, shame, restrict, struggle…

So many of us have decided to say say “f*ck it,” eat whatever we want, and throw all caution to the wind.

Both options might work in the short term, but ultimately leave us feeling unfulfilled, disconnected, and fluctuating between these two states …often for years.

But what if there was another way? A more SACRED way… 

The way that women knew for centuries until we forgot what we are truly capable of.

A way that allowed us to be strong, fit, and resilient, while being in deep connection with nature, and at ease in the process of things. 

Conscious women are awakening to the fact that the old ways of criticizing ourselves into submission or overindulging to the point of feeling regret are no longer serving us.

Our inner wisdom is crying out to be honored, and our true knowing and connection with our bodies, the earth and our intuition, reclaimed.

We just need to remember the way.

The truth is, our patterns around food often run DEEP.

We pick up behaviors and beliefs early on in our lives that impact the way we relate to food, to our bodies, to ourselves, and to the world.

When we free ourselves physically and emotionally from the grip of food-focused living we free up our energy to receive SO much more out of life… 

And we reclaim our power to do what we were put on the planet to do.

The constant thinking about food is draining our most precious resource on the planet: the untapped potential of the awakened woman. 

When we access our Truth, uncover our true desires, release the hidden blocks, and awaken our innate feminine wisdom – the drama around food starts to melt away (and so does the extra weight).

When you discover the Keys to Food Freedom you’ll experience:

• A deeper connection to your sense of self

• Feel more grounded and at ease 

• Easily return to your natural weight without the struggle

• Use food less to cope with stress or anxiety

• Peace of mind

• Increased patience, compassion, and presence with yourself and those you love

• The ability to call yourself out on your own bullsh*it

• Increased energy and less exhaustion or brain fog

• Glowing skin

• Clarity and the ability to make choices more quickly

• More flow and alignment in every area of your life

• Radiant energy that lights up a room

• You feel sexy, magnetic, and rekindle your desires

• Learn to love your body, honor and protect her

• Increased mental clarity and focus

• Deep self-love and self-knowing

• Overcome obstacles with greater ease and resilience

• Cultivate integrity in your word and your actions

• Become an unstoppable force for good in the world. 

In short…you finally break FREE.

Working with Krissy has been the ONE thing that has given me true results.

After a decade of trying this and that diet, reading that spiritual and self-help book, working with this nutritionist and that naturopath – trust me I could go on… working with Krissy has been the ONE thing that has given me true results and change in my life.

Isabella, Artist and Actress, New York City

I lost 40 pounds – AND got a whole new perspective on my life.

 If you want to totally transform your body, your life and your mindset – Sign up with Krissy now. She promises an amazing life and body to match and she delivers!

Becky, Entrepreneur, Chicago

I launched my business AND lost 7 pounds!

Working with Krissy I launched my business, completed a 10k, lost 7 lbs. I learned habits that allowed me to be more fully present and fulfilled in my career and my relationships too. I can say that I’ve truly achieved FREEDOM. 

Brittany, Entrepreneur, Massachusetts

Cultivating right relationship with food relationship with food is a necessary building block for leaders, change-makers, business owners, and any woman who truly wants to do what she is capable of.


Together we will go on a 6-week journey learning the fundamentals of the inner and outer work necessary to break free.

You’ll explore:

• What to eat to nourish your body following the sacred wisdom of your body and the cycles of nature. 

• How to reduce cravings and release outdated habits

• How to heal your relationship with food and your body

• How to cope, adapt, and deepen these practices during COVID-19

• How to stay true to your path when you feel pressured

• How to return to your natural weight without force or rigidity 

• How to apply the wisdom of the ancients to not only have more pleasure and presence, but also discipline and structure as well

• How to step back (fully) into your power in all areas of your life

By the end of the course you will have a new mindset, new habits, new energy, new awarenesses to experience deep and lasting change. 

We begin with a LIVE kick-off call on June 4th

We will have SIX 90-minute group training calls weekly on Thursdays at 1pm EST (recorded if you can’t make it live). 

Weekly assignments, ceremony, rituals, and pleasure practices to bring the work deeper into your daily life.


Krissy is truly exceptional.

She has such a gentle yet firm way of getting to core of what is going on with you and moving you ahead.  I am making a lot of positive changes for my health and losing weight. YES! I’m so excited about this journey!

Cat, Business Strategist, Australia

I love the holistic, but realistic approach.

I have lost over 10 pounds and have a different approach to food and eating. I finally feel like I have control over my weight. There is so much amazing content, now that the programs over, I want to go back a re-listen to all of the content again!

Megan, Entrepreneur, California 

PREP WORK: Start right away with excavating the thoughts, beliefs, and blocks that have been keeping your stuck and get clear on how you will use your time in the course to create the results you want.


Learn a powerful new way of relating to food and your body. Leave the old paradigm behind. Understand the key mindset shifts and habit change hacks that you need to automate healthy habits and get you set up for inevitable success.  


Reconnect with your body and begin the healing process. Understand the hidden message she has been trying to send you. Practice the Art of Intuitive Eating for greater energy, clarity, and overall ease. Balance your biochemistry, reduce cravings for sugar and carbs, and prime your body for your new way of doing things. 


Understand how practicing the feminine principle of pleasure and presence can ignite your metabolism and change the way your body processes food and releases toxins. Get the exact practices I used to lose 50lbs while healing my relationship with food without stress or extremes. Cultivate rituals around food that help you feel more grounded, connected, and aligned. 


Our relationship with our body is often a deeper reflection of our relationship with ourselves. Learn how to cultivate DEEP inner trust and awareness that will create a ripple effect and healing in your relationships and personal life. 


Finally understand the answers to questions like: why do I keep doing that thing I said I would’t do? Why do I say I will do something and then don’t? Using food as a lens for understanding out internal programing we will systematically re-wire our brains to CRAVE healthy and aligned actions and release the habits that hold us captive. 


With your energy at a new high and your body on board, you’ll learn to elevate ALL areas of your life. Learn how to take your new insights and apply them to your work and career, your relationships, your art, love life, and your spiritual practice to become an unstoppable force for good in the world. 


The Food Freedom Method: a simple formula and way of eating that allows you to get physical results quickly without going to extremes.

Facebook group of like-minded ladies for support and to get your questions answered by Krissy as they come up. 

Free re-plays of all recordings and trainings and access throughout the 6 weeks and beyond. 

Access to a library of recipes, meditations, and resources.

How to Save up to $2k a Year While Eating Well – learn how eat incredibly well on the cheap. ($2k value)

How to Kick Sugar Mini-Training – lean why sugar makes you feel crazy and how to conquer your cravings for the long run. ($97 value)

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling – whether you travel for work or pleasure, this guide will clue you in on the best places to eat, what to order and how to take good care of yourself on the journey. ($97 value)

5 Minute Recipes – learn how to cook incredible, simple recipes in 5-15 minutes so you can feel more full, energized and ready to take on your launch, business building, or life! ($35 value)

Elevated Kitchen Makeover – makeover your kitchen to automate healthy habits, eating, and preparing Light, Fit and Free meals! ($35 value)



A few small changes that Krissy recommended for me have had more impact than countless doctors and other “experts.”

Krissy offered me targeted, specific advice for my unique situation and kicked off a huge transformation for me with some health challenges I’ve been struggling with for years. She has some innate wisdom and real experience. As a result, I finally started to feel better…. more than I had in several years! 

Jenny, Business Coach, Oregon


I’ve lost weight AND stopped binge eating!

I was skeptical about making another failed commitment to weight loss after trying unsuccessfully to lose weight for many years. I was binge eating almost every evening and within a couple of weeks of working with Krissy I stopped. The program will make you go DEEEEEEP! – but it is so worth it!

Purva, Medical Doctor, Vermont

Hi, I’m Krissy

The reason I am so passionate about this work is I know the pain of not doing what you are capable of AND what happens when you do. 

I struggled for DECADES with my body and my relationship with food – trying every diet under the sun, battling eating disorders, and being told by doctors that nothing could change my hormonal imbalances, anxiety or depression without pills.

I decided there needed to be a better way.

I wanted an approach that created physical results to help me lose weight, get stronger and more fit but also wanted to heal the underlying reasons I ate too much and hated what I saw in the mirror.

I had a feeling if I could just get over this whole struggle with food and my body that I could do anything… 

…it’s turns out I was right.



Using these Food Freedom techniques I lost 50 pounds, healed PCOS, anxiety, depression and freed up my energy – so much so that I started my own business helping hundreds of other women do the same. 

If you have questions about whether this approach is right for you, I’d love to connect! 


With Love,

More success Stories From Women Who used the Food Freedom Method…


I’ve lost 25 pounds!

Working with Krissy was money and time well spent! At first I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the program, but since we started I have lost 25 pounds, run my first 5k, discovered a love of yoga, and have taken time to listen to myself and my body more. The thing I like best about working with Krissy is the non-judgmental support, and sharing of personal stories that resonated with me and my experiences. I would recommend Krissy’s programs for any women who has ever struggled with her relationship with food and her body.

Human Resources Manager and Artist
Williston, Vermont

I needed to drain my savings in order to sign up. Best. Decision. Ever.

The only hesitation I had about working with Krissy was the expense. I work two jobs and do not make much money, and I needed to drain my savings in order to sign up. Best. Decision. Ever. Working with Krissy I accomplished all of my goals!!! I lost my first 13 lbs, I eat what my body needs (not what my cravings tell me to), I make 95% of my meals at home, spend less money on groceries, exercise regularly and participate in my spiritual practice more often that I did before! Every time we had our meeting I would hang up feeling rejuvenated and empowered. Because of the work we’ve done together, I have so much more confidence in my ability to stay on track. I no longer ask myself “I have no motivation!! What’s wrong with me?? Why cant I stick to what I want to do!?” I know in my core that everything I need is inside of me, and it can never be lost. That is the greatest gift I have ever received.

Corinne, Vermont


Krissy is not just some preachy Health Coach who has no clue what I am talking about or going through.

Her personal stories and our parallels were beautiful and motivating and make her relatable. The best thing about working with Krissy is the PERSONAL attention and LOVE that she puts into everything. I felt loved and supported every step of the way and was totally lovingly coerced through some of the most profound realizations of my life.

The cost was a bit scary at first. I feel it is definitely invaluable now.

I am for the first time in my life able to control my behaviors around food. Krissy has provided me with tools for a lifetime. Also her creativity and PASSION make her an outstanding coach to anyone. I feel beyond blessed to have worked with her and would recommend Krissy and her services to anyone that has issues with food and their self esteem – so basically, everyone and anyone.

Molly, California



I finally feel in control of my food choices…I’ve lost and kept off at least 12 pounds!

Working with Krissy is not a diet or a quick-fix – it is long lasting and life changing! Before working with Krissy I had been dieting my whole life. Getting healthy always included giving up the things I loved (like dinner parties, nights out with my husband, and wine!). Food always had a cost, whether it was points or calories or some other thing I needed to worry about. After working with Krissy I actually enjoyed going out for walks and I have lost weight without ever feeling like I was dieting!

I finally feel in control of my choices regarding food, health, wellness and self. Krissy never passed judgment on me or made me feel anything other than special and spectacular.

After going through her program, I am all around happier and satisfied with where I am in my life. I brag about Krissy to anyone who will listen! She is professional, maintains confidentiality, is truly helpful, inspirational, non-judgmental and completely knowledgeable in her field! Working with Krissy is not a diet or a quick-fix – it is long lasting and life changing!

Kathy, Educator, Massachusetts


I lost 17 pounds!

I found Krissy to be so helpful, upbeat and inspiring! I thought nothing could help me loose weight or start cooking more or exercising. But with Krissy, I lost 17 pounds! I was able to work through the pessimism and I’m now on the road to a stronger, healthier me. I feel great about the work we did and I’d recommend this program to anyone!

Claudia, Therapist and Artist, Vermont


The Results Have Exceeded My Expectations!

After working with Krissy I have lost 15 pounds. I feel happier. My tummy doesn’t feel as bloated and my clothes fit much better. I’m eating healthier and was able to peel back a few more emotional layers that I’ve been carrying around for a long time. My family is starting to eat better and exercise more after watching my progress. As an HR Director and coordinating wellness for our company, I feel like I’m walking the talk. People are noticing the changes I’m making and I feel like I can now be an inspiration to others in my same situation!

Gina, HR Manager, Vermont


I have never felt so clear headed and happy!

Not only have I seen physical improvement since working with Krissy, but also a mental transformation. Her program, rich in support, knowledge and consistency, helped me to view (and make!) choices around food in an entirely new light! I have never felt so clear headed and happy and would recommend this program to anyone who has been wanting to make a change but hasn’t had the right tools. 

Sarah, Artist, Vermont


Working with Krissy I Lost 10 pounds!

Before working with Krissy I was hesitant to spend money on myself for something that I wasn’t going to follow through on. I worked with a coach years ago and didn’t see any remarkable change. I’ve purchased programs…no change. Working with Krissy I lost 10 pounds and have stepped out of the terrible, energy-robbing, continuous loop of self-judgment about what I eat. Krissy is a powerhouse of expertise and loving support. I love how she deftly wove together the practical and the sacred as we mapped my journey of self-love, acceptance and transformation.  

Mindala, Mentor and Mother, Ohio


My skin has completely cleared up!

I originally went to Krissy for some health issues (acne and bloating) but the sessions went so much deeper than that. Krissy gave me the tools and confidence to listen to my body. I would recommend Krissy’s program to anyone!

Jacque, Yoga Teacher, Vermont


I have lost 15 pounds and feel more empowered!

The biggest change was a shift in my thinking around food and eating patterns throughout my life. I am gentler with myself and am more reflective about why I am engaging in behaviors versus shaming or belittling myself. My awareness of the food I put into my mouth is one of the biggest changes I’ve noticed – do I enjoy what I’m eating? Is this what my body needs? When I love the food I eat, I notice a big difference in how I feel, how my body responds and other food choices throughout the day align better to my overall health goals. Since starting the program I have lost about 15 pounds. It helped me stay more accountable to my exercise goal and feel more empowered to stick with it.

Amanda, Teacher, Vermont


I have lost weight and am overall happier!

Spending just 20 minutes with Krissy was enough to spark something in me (now I know why we call it a Spark Session)! I was able to see and feel myself as a beautiful, strong, and empowered woman and I’ve started my journey to embody that vision. I have lost some weight and I’m overall happier. I’ve started to make some steps toward goals and I’m striving to life to the fullest. Thank you, Krissy!

Jillian, Nurse and Healer, Vermont


I feel more energy.  I feel happy.  I feel creative.  I finally feel like me!

Before working together I was hesitant that I would have the time to put into becoming my healthiest self. But now I can honestly say that I can’t think of one thing that I didn’t enjoy about our time together. She is an amazing listener with an incredible gift of pinpointing exactly what was holding me back.  Krissy also helped me keep my goals realistic to set me up for success.  I loved working with Krissy and can’t wait to work with her again!

Jen, Artist and Coach, Oregon


I lost weight and now crave exercise!

Since working with Krissy I have kept up with my exercise routine (for 7 weeks now an all time record!) and now I crave it! In the past I tended to have little consistency beyond a regular yoga practice, some days I would binge exercise (go for a big run, do an at home workout until I felt sick, get to a yoga class, and then take a dance class all in one day) then be so exhausted that I wouldn’t do anything else for a week. I now have a consistent routine and don’t burn myself out. I have lost weight – I don’t know or care how much but my pants fit again and I feel significantly more optimistic about life and its opportunities!

Hannah, Farmer, Vermont


I have lost 10 lbs since working with Krissy

…Plus I now do yoga at my home on a regular basis I try to look at food as “fuel” as we talked about. This makes it easier for me to stay away from junk food. Krissy is sweet, understanding, and sees people as a “whole package.” Meaning we need to take care of all aspects of ourselves. Mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Jaime, Advocate and Mother, Vermont


Krissy Is incredible.

Krissy is incredible.  I was able to consolidate my hopes and intentions for the year and become clear about what my work really is – color, being and having enough, pure joy and love in my life, activity and adventure.  And by the end of a beautiful visualization exercise in my free 30 minutes SPARK session, I came to a place of “I AM” and it has carried through my world since.  This woman was made for this kind of work; anyone looking for a little guidance in their lives – seek her out.  🙂  Love you, Krissy!

Elly, Natural Foods Manager, Vermont



Krissy has such a warm presence and always holds loving space for me.

Krissy has such a warm presence and always holds loving space for me. She is passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to women’s health and I am always mesmerized when I listen to her speak. I really admire her spiritual and healing nature. She really cares about and connects with her clients on a deep level and also has provides transformational and inspiring insights and tools to help you reach your desired goals and visions. She is a fantastic health coach and I would recommend her to anybody!

Sarah, Yoga Teacher, Vermont


I overcame my cravings and improved my digestion.

After my first session, my whole idea of self image was changed in an incredible way. Krissy’s SPARK program also brought about ideas that I never imagined would affect my cravings and the way my body works. Krissy’s approach is exciting, not intimidating. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone, whether you are looking to get healthier or just gain overall mental clarity.

Amy, Designer, Vermont

She helped me transform my life.

Krissy is the most beautiful loving person I have ever met. She saw deep within me –  beyond my crap. I felt 100% love and support and belief from her. She helped me transform my life. I want to be like her!

Pam, ChiropractorOregon

 and Course Creator


I’ve worked with other therapists and counselors but I’ve never found work on myself to be this gratifying, enjoyable and fun!

After just 6 weeks my entire perspective on my life has shifted. I’ve struggled with my weight and relationship with food since puberty. I’d given up hope in ever finding peace. The comfort level I feel with Krissy was instantaneous which enabled me to explore great depths of myself in a short period of time. Krissy knows her stuff. Not only because she is so well studied, but because she’s lived the struggle herself. It’s the best thing that has happened in my life in years.

Counselor and Yoga Teacher
Jackson, Wyoming


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