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I’ll help you cut through the noise of internet marketing and show you what it really takes to create a highly profitable business aligned with your soul purpose, unique gifts, and expertise.

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Enrolling Your First Paying Clients

This training suite will teach you how to enroll your first paying clients!! Use this in conjunction with the trainings for enrollment conversations to guide your clients from consultation to paying client! You can use the prepping for your session email template to send to clients before your consultation or build this into your online scheduler so that it automatically asks these questions when someone books with you.

How to Set Up Your Finances and Accounting

Prepping For Your Session Questions For Potential Clients

Closing the Deal: Done-For-You Script for Enrollment Conversations and Consultations


Welcome Letter Examples:

      • Email Versions: To send immediately once people decide to enroll
      • Welcome Packet: To send after payment is made. I send this along with the program contract after people have already paid and booked their first session.

Other “Stick Strategies”:

“Stick Strategies” are techniques for helping your clients stay committed and moving forward. Investing in yourself and making a big change can be scary and resistance will often come up – this is natural and to be expected. So instead of being totally bummed when someone says “yes” but then doesn’t email you back or make their payment – use these techniques to help guide your clients lovingly into the next steps.

#1: Get the first session on your calendar during your enrollment conversation: when they say yes! before payment, say “great! When would you like to start?” they will most likely say “as soon as possible!” or “I have a trip this week, can we start Monday?” Etc. Get their first session on the books so they already feel they are committed and moving forward.

#2 Walk them through the payment on the phone: say “ok great! YAY! I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with you, congratulations on making this powerful decision and creating ______ (the business and lifestyle you’ve always wanted! The next step is that I am going to send you an email with the next steps – are you near a computer? Ok great. You should have just gotten your welcome email – do you see it? Ok so the first step is to make your payment – there is a link for a full pay or payment plan – which would you like to do? Ok great! Go ahead and click that link – it will take you to a secure payment page. Go ahead and enter your details now, I will wait on the line and make sure it all goes through smoothly for you. All set! YAY! You are officially IN! The next step is to schedule sessions… (etc whatever the next steps are).”

#3 Ask for their mailing address when on the call: let them know you are mailing them out a welcome package or some goodies to get them started. Putting this gift giving into motion makes it exciting for the client and less likely they will back out because there is already something for them coming in the mail!

A Little Bit Of Legal:


Creating your Program and Conducting Your First Sessions:

Simple Program Creator Worksheet

Example Session Outline for High Impact Coaching



Hi, I'm Krissy.
Your BFF + New Creative Coach.

I’ll help you cut through the noise of internet marketing and show you what it really takes to create a highly profitable business aligned with your soul purpose, unique gifts, talents, and expertise. I’m all about that woo-woo life but live for solid biz + marketing strategies that allow you to make more money in less time so that you can free up your time and energy to create a meaningful LIFE. 

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When you create a business in alignment with Spirit all that is needed comes through you as an act of love and service for the world. You can truly create anything you want in this life. I’m here to show you how. 


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