[FREE TRAINING] Clarify Your Purpose To Create Change: In Your Life and In the World

Do you crave deeper alignment and purpose in your work – and in your life?

Do you want to make a living (or side income) doing work you love – but you’re just not sure where to start or which idea will be most profitable or successful?

Do you desire to do work that helps others or makes a difference in the world but not sure how to make a living doing it?

Do you want to stop asking yourself “what am I doing with my life/in my business/in this relationship” and feel clear and empowered in your next steps?


Join me LIVE for a FREE Virtual Training on how to Clarify Your Purpose to Create Change: In Your Life and in the World.

In this FREE training, you’re going to learn: 

  • How to create more alignment in ALL areas of your life by asking the THREE BIG QUESTIONS daily.
  • My 3-STEP PROCESS for combining your unique skills, talents and passions into a profitable-soul centered business or passion project.
  • The EXACT ROADMAP I used to create a six-figure business based on authenticity, service and location-independence so you can do the same!


7:00 PM EST / 4:00PM PST

“I never take the time out to think about the big picture or what I want in my life or work… in fact I told myself I wasn’t going to show up for this – but I am SO glad I did! This workshop was so far beyond what I expected. I got more out of this than most trainings or work I’ve done.” -Lee

“This was SO fun – thank you!” – Bria

“Wow. That was so helpful! I had a huge breakthrough in my work. I realized that I am always doing things because of what I THINK other people want from me rather than what I actually want.” -Jen

“I was skeptical when I heard you would help me clarify my purpose in under 2 hours – that seemed a little far-fetched. I almost didn’t sign up because I figured it was too good to be true – but now I can say I am so glad I did this, I think it was meant to be! I am more clear – not only on what I want, but also on the business I want to create, and who I want to BE in my current work and in my business!” – Sara

“I have much more clarity now on my new business idea and where to start! Thank You!” -Kelly

“At first I was unsure about where to go next in my business, I just knew I wanted it to feel more authentic. During the workshop I got clear on my next 2 products! All that in an hour and a half!” -Eve

“I had been at a turning point in my life and career – I knew I wanted to make a change I just wasn’t sure where to go next and was so fearful about leaving behind what I had built even though I knew it was time for a change.. After this workshop I have much more clarity around what I really want and feel more inspired and ready to take the leap.” -Kate

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