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East Fork Pottery

Personal Faves

Some of the brands and products I can’t (or don’t want to) live without.


Lolly Lolly

Moyo Studio


Jennifer Kahn Earrings

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Learning this simple technique for cleansing the body and clarifying the mind helped me to transform my body and my life. Now it's yours - FREE!

How to do a Kitchari Cleanse


Learn the EXACT techniques I teach my 1:1 clients to manifest anything you want, whether it's a new client, more income, or true love. It WORKS.

MANIFEST Home Study Course

Learn the exact roadmap I followed to create a six-figure online business so that you can duplicate my business model - it's 100% FREE!

How to Grow Your Business In 90 Days

How to Get Your Next 5 Clients 

How to Get Your Next 5 Clients 

(without a website, email list, or massive instagram following)

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