Upgraded Toast (Vegetarian, Gluten Free)


Sometimes mornings can seem an uninspiring time to get fancy with food, but just because things move quickly and rushing tends to be the norm, it doesn’t mean you can’t find little extra moment to create something wonderful for yourself.

Here’s my case and point: upgraded toast.

Toast. Such an undistinguished, humdrum breakfast, yet with just a couple little twists it can transform into a heavenly way to fuel your body that’ll have you feeling great, (not to mention it will taste AH-mazingly reminiscent of a warm fresh-baked French pastry).

Here’s a quick tip for a simple spin to elevate your everyday toast.

What you need:


Simple yet elevated ingredients:

  1. Really good gluten-free bread. I like this brand. It’s got Omega-3’s, which do a whole host of wonderful things for you from reducing risk for cardiovascular disease to improving dry skin.
  2. Local or raw honey – or as delicious a honey as you can possibly source (you just need a touch of it).
  3. Really good salt I like this one. It makes me feel like I’m in the south of France every time I use it aaand it tastes really good.
  4. Earth Balance – meet your new best friend if you want an easy way to omit some animal products from your diet. It’s tasty like butter, but with less saturated fat and zero cholesterol. Nevertheless, it ain’t no miracle food, and should be used in moderation.

Check it out in action (CAUTION: MUSIC):


Here’s the best part – even though this tastes deliciously decadent it’s still just, well – toast!

All you need to do is pop a piece or two of your gluten free bread in the toaster, go about your business and in no time you’ll have a warm, golden, crunchy-yet-soft slice begging you for some Earth Balance and a sweet slathering of honey.

Spread it on as minimally or liberally as you like and sprinkle with a tiny pinch of really good salt.

Here’s my favorite part – cut it into pretty little shapes that interest you. Savor each little piece with your eyes closed and an audible “mmmm” on the exhale.

You’ll feel like you drifted off to heaven (and in less than 10 minutes!).

Now it’s your turn…

I kinda purposefully made this post on toast (see what I did there? ;)) simple BUT I want to hear from you – what do you like the most to top your toast (sorry can’t help myself)?

Are you an avocado kinda gal? Nut butter temptress? Fancy something even more interesting? Share your best tips and tricks below, we can never get enough new ideas for healthy breakfasts!

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