Quick, Healthy, Vegan Tacos!


Do you ever find yourself wanting to make healthier choices but then all of a sudden a co-worker asks you to lunch or you are in a frenzy driving about town and find yourself almost on autopilot as you pull into a drive-thru or hop out of your car at the closest Subway or pizza shop?

What I find worse than the fat or “calorie count” in these type of convenience meals is how they tend to make us feel afterward. “Gross, embarrassed, guilty, like we ‘blew it’.”

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling this way after an impulsive binge or food choice and wonder why the hell this keeps happening, please read on.

What I’ve found is that most of my private clients actually LIKE healthy food. And I am guessing that if you’ve found your way here, you may fancy your self a Healthy-Foodie of sorts, too.

For you, kale ain’t no thang. A jacked up salad is a thing of beauty. So what the hell happened yesterday when we found ourselves scrapping the bottom on the Thai takeout container?

The problem really comes down to three things: time, availability,  and convenience.

If you don’t have something readily available that you’re actually looking forward to to eating AND that’s healthy, let’s face it. You are going to choose the quick or more exciting fast food all day long.

That is why I’m committed to sharing with you healthy recipes that you’ll actually be psyched to eat, and that also take almost no time to prepare.

Today I am sharing with you what I had for lunch today when I was in a rush. It took less than 5 minutes to make. Plus, I added an extra spin on leftover ingredients in my fridge that turned this into a straight up Fiesta del Taco. Best of all it had me feeling full of energy, and ready to get back to my busy day.

(On that note, please, for the love of God,  just say “no” to bland, boring diet food. If you feel restricted or like you’re missing out when it comes to eating then it’s just not going to be sustainable for you.)

Healthy eating is about creating a lifestyle you adore that happens to revolve around amazing food – food that makes you feel as good as it tastes.

It’s about upgrading your choices and having fun with it. This taco recipe will keep you full PLUS without the cheese and flour wrap it will keep you energized rather than weighed down.

Sure, I could have just made a salad but when you allow your creative juices to flow things happen. You go from left over taco salad to Fiesta Del Taco! Hell Ya. That’s what I’m talking about. Check it out in action below (warning: this baby’s got some music to it, turn your speakers down, or up depending if you are at work or not ;). Recipe to follow).

Here’s what you’ll Need:

  • A few leaves of romaine lettuce
  • 1 small diced tomato
  • 1/2 an avocado, sliced
  • an inspired filling of some sort such as seasoned tofu, quinoa, beans, etc (I used some left over beans and rice from Vigo – not totally clean ingredients but Ryan’s favorite, it was in the fridge, and it’s damn delicious)
  • a zesty dressing such as vegan sour cream, tahini dressing or what I used here, goddess salad dressing.

How to do it:

Wash the romaine lettuce leaves and thinly slice them from the bottom to about 1/2 way up so that you have some shredded lettuce for the filling. Then stuff the lettuce “wrap” with the filling of your choice and the above accoutrements from above.

Now it’s your turn…

And in the comments below, I want to hear from YOU. When do you find yourself resorting to “low energy foods” or foods that make you feel weighed down, gross, or a little ashamed? What is one thing you will commit to doing this week so that you have healthy, exciting options available to you?

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  • Thank you for this! If I let myself get too hungry I’m bound to make a choice that I regret later. Sometimes I think I do it on purpose to somehow justify eating junk… To stay on track with healthy eating I try to keep a healthy snack on hand at all times. Those tacos look amazing!!

    • Love this insight Liz! And love that you are going to keep a healthy snack on hand – sounds perfect. It is SO true that when we let ourselves get too hungry we don’t make the best choices. If you want to start to change that pattern, try this: picture your hunger level like the gas tank of a car. When the light goes on it is a signal to start planning for fuel. This is the same way that we can approach planning for nourishment. We want to avoid ever going “into the red” because that is when things spiral out of control and we feel the crazy set in. When you plan for nourishment at a “2” on the hunger scale instead of when you are at a flat 0 feeling ravenous, you’ll be more likely to eat just the right amount and choose foods that will make you feel satisfied and energized. xoxo

  • I am always a bit wary recipes w/o exact measurements/ingredients BUT! I’m going to give this a try! I also love the idea of the biggest “damage” of those stand-by-the-fridge-with-the-door-open meals isn’t the calorie count – it’s the feeling afterward. LOVE!

    • Hi Becky! Thanks for your comment! I love your honesty around the “exact measurements” thing. I find it leaves room for the unimaginable 🙂 It’s an opportunity to trust your intuition, tap into your creativity, and have some fun with it! I’d love to hear how it goes! xoxo

      • Hey Krissy –
        I tried this out and didn’t use a single measuring spoon or cup! It worked great! I put in too many black beans (my filling of choice!) so I just added more veggies to balance it out. Worked great! And the goddess salad dressing was a dream! Thanks for such a low-stress, easy recipe!

        • Awesome Becky! Glad you liked it 🙂 I keep the goddess salad dressing on hand at all times, it adds a perfect zip to pretty much anything! xoxo