Free Webinar: How to Do a Kitchari Cleanse



Mark your calendars for this Thursday, September 25th at 7:30pm EST!

In this webinar will cover what you need to know to do a simple 5 day kitchari cleanse in order to move from feeling bloated, sluggish, and having low energy, to feeling lighter, refreshed, and ready for fall!

By now I think many of you know about my love of kitchari and how it completely changed my life. I struggled with messed up digestion, hormonal imbalance, anxiety and lots of chaos in my mind for a long time. After using this simple ayurvedic recipe I was able to heal a lot of my physiological issues as well as my mental attachment to food and my relationship with my body. 

I hear so often that people feel heavy, over indulged, and like they need to detox or cleanse to “get back on track” this time of year. The only problem with things like juice cleanses, the master cleanse, week-long salad binges, etc this time of year is that they actually position the body to want to hold on to calories right after the cleanse is through. And if you have ever done one of these cleanses before you know that it’s easy to feel frazzled, starving, and slightly delirious rather than feeling more balanced, calm, and centered.

Kitchari cleansing is different. 

Secure your spot in Thursday’s Webinar to find out why:



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