[FREE TRAINING] FOOD FREEDOM : The 5 Essential Steps to Recalibrate Your Relationship with Food and Reclaim Your Body, Joy and Energy

It’s time to release the struggle, abandon the outdated diet mentality, and return to a more sacred, and feminine approach to having the body and relationship with food that you’ve always wanted.


Because too many of us are trapped in an energy-draining loop around food and our bodies that MUST shift in order to have more time, energy, and presence for the work that is being called from us in the world right now.

Whether you have been feeling heavy, exhausted, or out of alignment since quarantine started, or you have been on the binge-restrict roller coaster for as long as you can remember, or you just want food to no longer be an issue so that you can focus on bigger things…

Then this training was MADE FOR YOU.

Creating freedom in your relationship with food is an ESSENTIAL building block for leaders, change makers, business owners, and any woman who wants to discover what she is truly capable of. 

It’s time to…
  • Do the deeper work to understand why you self-sabotage or make progress on your goals only to go back “to the old ways.”
  • Use this unprecedented time to tune inward and use food as a tool for deeper healing, pleasure, and connection with others and with yourself.
  • Understand the ancient practices that women have always known about how to eat, and how connect to nature through food so that you can cultivate radiant health and well-being without or judging or shaming yourself into following a rigid set of rules.


4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

I lost 40 pounds – AND got a whole new perspective on my life.

If you want to totally transform your body, your life and your mindset – Sign up with Krissy now. She promises an amazing life and body to match and she delivers!

~ Becky, Entrepreneur, Chicago

I’ve lost weight AND
stopped binge eating!

I was skeptical about making another failed commitment to weight loss after trying unsuccessfully to lose weight for many years. I was binge eating almost every evening and within a couple of weeks of working with Krissy I stopped. The program will make you go DEEEEEEP! – but it is so worth it! 

~ Purva, Doctor, Vermont


I launched my business AND
lost 7 pounds!

Working with Krissy I launched my business, completed a 10k, lost 7 lbs. I learned habits that allowed me to be more fully present and fulfilled in my career and my relationships too. I can say that I’ve truly achieved FREEDOM.

~ Brittany, Entrepreneur, Massachusetts


Over the course of this 90 minute DEEP DIVE with Krissy you will:

  • Learn how to re-wire your brain and transform your relationship with food for the long run.
  • Do some of the deep inner work right on the call to get out of your rut and gain momentum and feel inspired to take action.
  • Learn how to find the balance between “going easy on yourself” and taking powerful action toward what you really want.
  • Discover How to use food as a tool for personal, professional, and global change.
  • Be in a community of like-minded women ready to drop the struggle and return to a sacred way of attuning to nature and to ourselves so that we can be a force for good in the world.

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